Whether you like it or not, technology is a huge part of your children’s lives. Even if your children don’t have access to much technology at home, (which let’s face it, most children do in this day and age) they will have access to it at school or at their friends’ homes. Technology can be scary for parents, especially when you hear horror stories that include children.

However, technology can be incredibly powerful, and now we’re in an era that thrives on technology, there are millions of careers that revolve around it. If your children are tech savvy and genuinely interested in how it works as well as using it for games and entertainment, then their future may be headed towards a career involved with technology. Here’s how you can prompt your kids into pursuing a career in technology.

Build a robot together

A career in technology can come in many forms from knowing how to build a program to physically building a piece of hardware for people to use. Of course, children aren’t likely to be able to wire a computer together, but they can learn how fun it can be through building a robot through play.

Building a robot with your kids is a perfect way to start demystifying technology for them. Keep it as straightforward as possible. Many cool robot kits come with built-in features such as remote controls, sounds, lights, and collision detection.

Computers are here to stay, and in the future, there will be more jobs that center around the use of these handy machines. So why not teach your kids how to build or customize a computer? Working with wires can be challenging for young kids, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can do.

Start by introducing them to the essential components of a computer and telling them all about their functions. Computers are expensive, so you don’t want to disassemble a new unit for this activity. Luckily, there are affordable options such as used or refurbished computers for hands-on learning.

Take coding classes

Coding is an incredibly complex skill to learn, but it can be very fun too! Why not sign your children up for coding classes so they can learn how their favourite games come to life, or how a program is made on their computer. They can learn skills in Scratch, HTML & CSS, and Python by making games, animations, and websites. Karan Bajaj is an edutech startup that helps children between the ages of 6 and 14 build market-ready apps, games, and animations online, using the fundamentals of coding.

Let them play games!

Children primarily learn through play, and it’s no secret that if you’re interested in something, you’re more likely to learn more about it. Let them play their favourite games (within reason, of course) on their consoles and computers at home. Children’s minds are extremely absorbent and they will begin to wonder how it was made! Think of it this way – any person with an avid interest in computer games would love to work in the industry!

Follow influencers in the industry

Finally, there are literally millions of influencers in the technology industry that can help teach and motivate your children to pursue a career in the tech industry. Whether it’s an influencer that teaches them how certain technology works or someone who reviews games, keeping their interest and the magic in the industry alive will encourage their career moves when they’re older!

Of course, your children may not pursue this career when they’re old enough to make decisions, but helping them with a gentle nudge could help put them in the right direction to a fulfilling career in their future!

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