Find Out How Dell & HP Two Becomes Power House in Laptop Industry

With every passing year, computer technology improves at an incredible pace. This is best experienced through devices such as a laptop, as improvements in small and portable personal computing devices testifies to the progress of this sector as a whole.

The older generation models were limited by space and so, they were not as powerful as compared to a desktop. However, today you can get yourself a Dell laptop or an HP laptop and enjoy an experience that is on par and may even supersede a traditional desktop.

These two brands stand out among the competition mainly due to the innovation they offer. HP laptops are known for their user-friendly design while Dell laptops are known to be performance powerhouses.

Regardless of whether you choose to get yourself an HP or Dell laptop, you’ll find that these companies prioritise offering value for money as well. This is in the form of timely customer support, easy access to replacements, extended warranties and other such post-sale offers.

This is important to the overall market perception of these brands and helps consumers, such as yourself, come to a purchasing decision, and enjoy the models for years to come.

However, deciding between a Dell laptop or an HP laptop can be challenging simply because of how competitive they are. However, with more insight about the brands, you can easily look for elements or features that you prioritise and go with the brand that caters to them.

To help achieve this, take a look at the main features of the two powerhouses, Dell and HP, in the laptop industry.


In terms of innovation, both companies share the mantle as they both offer consumer their own take on peak performance. With respect to HP, the changes were mainly focused around the convertible series of laptops offered, namely the Spectre x360 and the Spectre Folio series.

Moving away from the standard flip or detachable route followed by others, HP had something truly unique to offer. HP added its own twist on the hinge that governed the convertible series, allowing users to switch from standard to tent, to tablet and back with just one hand and fluid motion.

Additionally, the brand also integrated second display support for its new Omen X 2S, making it a treat for gamers that either take up streaming or gaming as a full-time profession.

As for Dell, they improved on what was rated as the best laptop, the XPS 13, by adding an HD camera into the bezel for added functionality. This helped the device gain a near-perfect score among reviewers all over and increased the value for you as a consumer too. Further, Dell also tweaked the Mobile connect software for improved performance and overall feel.

It also added a unique and extremely entertaining beta feature that allows you to access your phone in virtual reality.


The design has always been an area at which HP has excelled in the past and it doesn’t seem like they’re about to let up. Besides the classy hinge addition the gorgeous Spectre series, HP has gone one step further and is now offering models with golden accents on the aluminium chassis.

Further, HP has also improved on its line of Chromebooks by taking a page from Apple MacBook’s. The devices are now described as a ‘silvery dream’ among reviewers and are difficult to ignore!

On the other hand, in terms of design, Dell has dropped the ball in comparison to HP. Dell devices have a clunky, rigid feel and lack the elegance found in HP laptops. However, the XPS 13 and XPS 15 are built to look the most stylish as they feature Dell’s crystalline silica fibre interior and a soft finish. The style hasn’t always been Dell’s strong suit, but Dell laptops are built to be sturdy.


In terms of customer and post-sale support, HP has employed an effective strategy. Several reviewers found that the HP social media accounts were manned by experienced technicians and agents that we’re able to provide accurate, helpful and prompt responses. However, when contacted via any other mediums, HP agents displayed a lack of information.

However, with Dell, reviewers and experts suggest that the support system is a lot more capable across mediums. The common consensus was that with a Dell laptop, you could get prompt, accurate service through social media and when contacted over the phone, the agent would simply take over your device and fix the problem for you.

Value for money

In general, both an HP laptop and a Dell laptop offers incredible value for money across the board. HP has a series of laptops for low-budget and premium users, which is also the case with Dell.

Some of the standout models for HP include the Chromebooks, the HP Pavilion series and finally the Spectre and Omen series, which are custom-made for top-tier performance.

With respect to Dell, you’ll find that the Inspiron series fits both low and mid-range budgets while the XPS series is best suited for those with a higher budget. Additionally, for professionals, you’ll find the Latitude series offers the best fit and it comes at various price points.

Both brands stand out in international markets and work hard to guarantee your satisfaction, no matter the choice. However, for all these features and benefits, getting a laptop from either brand can be heavy on your pocket. Depending on your needs, models can range anywhere from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh and even more in certain cases.

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