Are YouTube Ads a Threat to Privacy? How to Remove YouTube Ads?

In the wake of the Facebook data privacy issue, another giant streaming platform well-known among kids and teenagers has been criticized for collecting data and using practices.

In a complaint submitted, more than 20 consumer advocacy organizations claimed that YouTube had been collecting the personal information of children who used their platform and using that information to target ad campaigns violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection law.

A VPN service has always been the best option to encrypt your personal data and information from hackers and companies to track your online activity, trace your behavior and show you ads accordingly. You can get the risk-free NordVPN trial for 30 days and experience greater speed and a vast server network to unlock your content with a single click.

Before collecting personal information about children under 13, commercial websites and applications must obtain informed parental consent per the COPPA act.

Google’s YouTube platform allows users to search for content and watch videos without joining up or providing proof of age.

It may be difficult to view YouTube videos when advertising keeps cutting in. Thankfully, there are several ways to disable advertisements altogether.

How to Avoid Advertisements When Watching YouTube

We suggest purchasing an adblocker if you’re sick and tired of seeing advertisements pop up for goods and services you’re not interested in (especially those without a skip button). We’ve used the Chrome browser for this example. Other browsers may require a different setup.

1. Adblock Extension

Go to the extension store for your browser: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Click “Add to Chrome” after searching AdBlock Plus.

The background scanning and identification of websites you visit that Adblock Plus continuously carries out display adverts and other browser ad-blocking plugins. When it finds a website with many adverts, it prevents the user, you, from seeing the advertisement.

Many websites use their ad-blocker detection software to block ad-blockers, and if your ad-blocker is discovered, you may get a pop-up requesting you to turn it off. Some may even ask you to leave the website if you refuse.

Configure a DNS Server to Disable Advertisements on Mobile Devices

It’s not always as trustworthy to rely on ad blocking software on mobile devices as it is on a computer, but there is a different approach that we’ve discovered to be more efficient.

If you have a Raspberry Pi, you can use Pi-Hole to make it into a DNS server that filters mobile adverts on any Wi-Fi-connected device. Best of all, it also prevents YouTube and in-app ads, not just those you see online.

Is It Possible to Stop YouTube From Tracking Me?

You can stop YouTube from tracking your online activities and following you everywhere. However, you’ll frequently need to agree to a cookie agreement while visiting websites like YouTube (owned by Google) and social media platforms like Facebook.

This enables websites to target you with relevant adverts while you browse the web.

The most practical option to remain anonymous online is to use incognito mode in conjunction with a VPN to prevent websites from placing tracking cookies on your device through your browser.

If you use a desktop computer, we suggest installing a plugin like Privacy Badger, which can identify websites that sneakily track the pages you visit without your knowledge and stop them from doing so.

An explanation of how websites can retarget you: You go to a website in search of some new shoes. That website could need your permission, which you’ll need to accept to continue using.

A few days later, you visit YouTube to watch the newest music videos when an advertisement for the shoes you were just considering pops up.

Sound ominous? We concur, which is why we advise utilizing a VPN to stop websites from monitoring your online activities.

Your communication is routed through a secret VPN tunnel when you connect to a VPN server, and your real IP address is masked when you receive a new IP address. You can also learn to Disable Youtube Shorts.

Apps for TV, Tablets, and Smartphones that prevent ads

Ads can be equally as bothersome if you frequently use a mobile device to access YouTube or the TV app to stream content from the site.

There are many ways to avoid YouTube adverts, depending on your device. For individuals utilizing Android devices, we suggest using Total AdBlock in addition to Firefox.

When you watch YouTube, this will block the majority of advertising, much like Adblock Plus.

Installing the YouTube Vanced app is an alternative if you use a FireStick and don’t feel like opening a browser whenever you want to view YouTube.

Can I Block Advertisements Using a VPN?

Although blocking YouTube advertising isn’t a VPN’s main function, some have installed adblocking software. For example, an ad blocker included in NordVPN’s top-rated VPN can handle obnoxious YouTube commercials and websites with adware.

However, many users select VPNs for reasons other than adblocking. There are numerous other advantages to using a service like NordVPN.

  • When harmful websites are found, block connections to them.
  • Avoid throttling your connection by ISPs because of heavy bandwidth usage.
  • Keep your activity hidden from ISPs


Online privacy is the most important component in our rapidly changing world to protect our personal information and data.

Companies like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others monitor and learn from user behavior to provide relevant advertisements for the goods that support business growth.

This article covers a few strategies for guarding against hypnosis and preventing the display of annoying YouTube ads.

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