How to Activate Univision on Android, iOS, FireTV and Roku

Univision is a Spanish free-to-air TV channel based in the United States. Since it is free, the television channel is available in almost all the cable and dish providers in the country. However, the Univision TV channel is not available in some regions via the TV providers, even though it is free.

How to Watch Univision Channel

If the Univision channel is unavailable with your cable operator, the only option to watch the Spanish television channel is the streaming service. Yes, Univision is available via a streaming app called Univision Now. Subscribing and activating Univision now lets you watch the Univision channel anywhere in the United States.

How to Activate Univision on Android, iOS, Roku and Fire TV

As mentioned, Univision channel is available via the streaming platform Univision Now on any device like iPhone, Android, Roku TV, Android TV, Fire TV, etc. Univision is a free channel that can be watched without payment with TV provider packs. However, Univision Now is a paid service; a subscription is needed to use and view the programs.

To subscribe to the Univision Now service, you must visit the official Univision Now website, register yourself, and subscribe to any pack. Once the package is subscribed, you can install the Univision Now app on your iPhone, Android, Fire TV, Android TV, etc.

Once the subscription is activated and the Univision Now app is installed on the device, move forward to activate the Univision Now app on your streaming device.

Activate Univision Now on Android and Google TV

Install the app from the Play Store to activate Univision now on Android mobile, Android TV, or Google TV. Once the app is installed on the device, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Univision Now app and log in using the Univision account details.

Step 2: After login, you will see a six-digit code on the app screen that must be used to activate the Univision Now app.

Step 3: You must use any web browser on another device, like a computer or another mobile. Then visit the URL
Enter the 6-digit activation code shown on the Univision Now app.

Step 4: After entering the code, you will see your TV provider selection section. You can select your TV provider and tap on the Continue option.

Step 5: Finally, you will need to log in to your service provider account and done.

The Univision Now app is activated on Android, Mobile, or Google TV.

Activate Univision Now on Apple TV or iPhone

The activation of Univision Now on Apple TV or iOS devices is the same as the steps we mentioned above; you can follow the same steps from 1 to 5 to activate the Univision Now app on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

Here, the only difference is related to the app download. You need to download the Univision Now app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV from the App Store before activating.

How to Activate Univision Now on Roku and Fire TV

You can activate Univision Now on Fire TV and Roku like the one mentioned before. Download the Univision Now app from the Amazon or Roku App Store.

Then, you must activate the App using the six-digit code by visiting the website and logging in using the TV provider account. Once done, you can enjoy the Univision Now app and its streaming content on the Fire TV or the Roku TV.

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