15 Best LookMovie Alternatives

LookMovie was the go-to website for those who wanted a free method to watch TV shows and movies. Its huge collection of popular movies and shows made millions flock over. However, in 2022, LookMovie was shut down due to copyright infringement.

Be aware of the consequences of streaming free and illegally using such sites. Being caught using any of these sites could result in serious consequences. We do not endorse using any of these sites but always use a VPN while streaming for free if it is a must.

So, in this article, we will look at 15 of the best LookMovie alternatives that are still running. Be mindful that the sites shown in this article might have been taken down by the time you read this.

1. SolarMovie

Solar movie is one of the best alternatives for LookMovie as it has a huge collection of HD movies and TV shows. Even the cam-quality movies are very clean and crisp. The interface is clean and shows posters for different movies.

There is content in different languages as well, providing an international experience. The database is regularly updated to show the newest movies. There is also a SolarMovie app for Android.

2. MusicHQ

MusicHQ is a site for streaming TV shows and movies in crisp, HD quality. It should not be mistaken for a music streaming website, as the name makes it seem. The site’s user interface is very similar to that of SolarMovie and is very easy to use.

It has a small issue of pop-up adverts, but that can be overcome with an ad blocker.

3. UpMovies

Putlocker was once a big player in the illegal movie streaming scene. But after numerous copyright infringement cases, the site has now rebranded itself as UpMovies.

The site looks great with multiple genres and collections and loads content very fast. It also has an almost ad-free experience and is quick to respond. The streaming quality is also very good. This is also a great alternative to LookMovie.

4. Goojara

This one is a no-nonsense website for viewing the latest movies and shows. The interface is very minimal and clean. The posters are shown in one row, and movies are shown in a list below that. The content is regularly updated and will be available in HD.

Ads are not that common on this site and may only play once when starting a movie or show. Goojara is quick and responsive and is ideal for those who want a good alternative to LookMovie.

5. 2KMovie

This site allows you to watch some movies that have not been released yet. Has a variety of content and is streamable in HD. 2KMovie is an open-source website. Movies and shows come to the site very quickly after release.

6. FMovies

This site has been an all-time classic for movie and TV lovers. FMovies lets you sort movies according to their IMDb ratings as well. It has an easy-to-use interface that can get riddled with ads sometimes. Make sure you have an ad blocker before using it to stream.

7. Vumoo

Vumoo allows for the streaming of the latest TV shows and movies, with the added benefit of being able to download them. The site displays the content in poster formats and even shows all the details when clicked on it.

You can search for the content you want to see, sort from latest to oldest, and watch them in HD.

8. GoMovies

GoMovies comes with a vast library of movies and shows. It allows you to stream in HD and download as well. The site was launched by 123Movies. It has numerous similarities to it.

The main issue with this site is the constant pop ads once per page. If you disregard that, the site is pretty useful as a LookMovie alternative.

9. YesMovies

This is yet another website that offers tons of movies and shows, with a few ads to deal with along the way. It allows you to enable a dark mode feature, sort by various means, watch in HD, and more.

There is also a picture-in-picture(PiP) mode to continue watching content even if you scroll down.

10. Goku

This one is a new addition to the illegal streaming scene. Based on the popular anime character, Goku has a few pop-up ads here and there but has a good library of content. Some shows and movies are missing, but considering this is a fairly new site, we can cut it some slack.

Some movies are shot on video cameras, but those are the ones that are currently running in theaters.

11. Flixtor

This is a very good alternative to LookMovie as it has a vast array of movies and shows and has a great content filter. Flixtor has minimal ads and shows movies in poster format, which is great. The servers were pretty fast to load and the content was in good quality.

The servers are regularly updated to show the latest movies and shows.

12. 123Movies

Another one of the original streaming sites, 123Movies has been around for some time now. It still updates with the latest content. However, the site has ads at times.

The streaming site GoMovies is an offshoot of 123Movies, and their interfaces look very similar.

13. BFlix

BFlix is also a very good alternative to LookMovie, as it has a fairly huge library of content. The interface is clean and shows posters for the movies and shows. Make sure to use an adblocker, as there are some pop-ups every few clicks or so.

14. Netflix

These two are not free alternatives for LookMovie but have a great library of content.

Many new movies are released on Netflix regularly right after their theater run, maybe even during. There is content for most people across the globe. It is a legal way to watch content online.

The standard plan has ads but is very affordable at just $6.99/month.

15. Prime Video

This is also a paid and legal way to watch content online. Prime Video by Amazon has a vast library with new shows and movies being regularly updated. Besides, you can also choose to get Prime delivery along with it.

Prime starts at just $14.99/month, with Prime Video at $8.99/month.


There are many free movie streaming sites available that replace LookMovie. But you have to understand that none of them are legal. We do not encourage you to use any free streaming sites if you can afford paid movie platforms.

Always have an ad blocker and VPN turned on when trying to watch anything through free streaming websites.

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