When You Accidentally Delete Something On Your Phone

When you accidentally tap on the delete icon, and you have lost a photo album, a document or perhaps text messages, you can go into a steep panic. To recover such items on a computer is hard enough but when you’re on a phone, it can seem impossible. But fear not, there are private companies who design apps, who know all about this predicament.

It has meant that the further we advance in app development, the better retrieving software is released. It just so happens that now, there are some awesome apps that you can use to get back those missing or now deleted items that you wished you had saved.

Deleted photos

Whether it’s selfies, photos or perhaps an entire album, if you have deleted such items you may think it’s not possible to retrieve them. But it is! Let’s go through the options

DiskDigger: this app is for Android those that want to recover photos. Usually, the ones that this app can retrieve the best, are JPG files. Most phones convert their photos into JPG so it’s really useful.

Dumpster: This app is mostly for recovering files but it can help to get back albums. If you have combined albums into zip files or perhaps saved them into another folder, then you can bring them back with this app.

Photorec: it’s good for photos and albums but it is complex to use. It does a good job but it might have a steep learning curve to use.

Retrieving texts

When you lose a text message in a routine cleaning session, it can feel horrible. Maybe you were sent a phone number from your work which you need to contact as part of your tasks, or if you were sent a photo from your grandchildren, retrieving your lost texts is not that hard. You can easily find more info here.

This app is used to get back those lost texts which harbor some important information. It’s an app that is usually reserved for families that want to limit their screen time for their children. It’s good because it uses technology that can retrieve texts from all phones. Sometimes kids delete stuff because they don’t want their parents to find out but this app doesn’t let anything go.

Getting back your documents

For those that want to hold onto their documents but can’t prevent their cleaning app from deleting some files that haven’t been opened or are in a tight spot, use EaseUS. This is an app that can find any type of document. Whether it’s a PDF, Google Doc, Word Doc, or perhaps a different kind of document like a .txt, this app can’t find it again. We all delete stuff we didn’t mean to, but with a specialized document finder, you won’t need to worry again.

It’s important to have various retrieving apps that can give you a failsafe out when you need it. These are just some of the options on the market, there are plenty of others that have unique features for the task.

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