Default Android 10 Gesture Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Device

Did you ever experience an issue like the default Android 10 Gesture is not working on your Samsung Galaxy Device? Yes, there is a problem with that. But not always, happens in some cases. Let see in detail the issue.

Android 10 Gesture on Samsung Galaxy Device

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Device with One UI 2 running on Android 10, then definitely you can use the default Android 10 Gesture with swipe-based navigation and back to screen option. By default, the device is set with the button-based navigation option. You can change it to Android 10 based navigation.

Step to enable Android 10 Gesture on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Step 1: Go to the Settings

Step 2: Click on the ‘Display’ option

Step 3: There you can see an option called ‘Navigation Bar’. Click on that

Step 4: In the new screen you will get the options for the navigation bar. You will have two options

  • Navigation buttons – This option is the default one in which you can have the buttons for the navigation
  • Full Screen gestures – This one is the gesture-based navigation which we are going to enable

Step 5: Select the Full Screen gestures option. You can see an option called ‘More options’ there.

Step 6: Click on that, now you will get two options ‘Swipe from the bottom’ and ‘Swipe from sides and bottom’

Step 7: Click on ‘Swipe from sides and bottom’ option.

Step 8: Done, now the Android 10 gesture navigation is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy device.

You can now get the home screen by swiping up from the bottom and to go back, just swipe from sides of the screen.

Why Android 10 Gesture not working on Samsung Galaxy Device

Even though you did the above steps and you are using the Android 10 gesture on your galaxy device, this option will not work if you are using any custom launcher on your phone. This gesture navigation will work only with Samsung One UI Launcher.

If you are using One UI as your home screen, you will get all the options specified above and you can use the feature without any issue.

If you are using any custom launchers, you cannot get the default Android 10 Gestures. In that case, you can use button-based navigation or the Full Screen gesture with a swipe from the bottom

You can notice that, if you are using custom launcher you will not get ‘More Options’ in the Full Screen Gesture options. The more option will be disabled and by default ‘Swipe from bottom’ option will be activated.

In ‘Swipe from bottom’ you can go to the home screen, by swiping from center bottom and can have back option by swiping from right or left bottom based on your preference.

The default Android 10 based gesture is very handy and easy to use however the Swipe from bottom option when using the custom launcher is a bit tricky. You will get confused with the back and recent app options.

If you are a fan of the default Android 10 gesture we recommend using the Samsung One UI launcher. You can use any launcher, but in that case, you either need to stick on button-based navigation of ‘Swipe from bottom’ based Full Screen gesture option.

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