Apple has confirmed the release of iMazing 2.15.6, which brings macOS Ventura support + refreshed Music feature. Apple never disappoints its users, which brings an excellent reminder for the audience to upgrade to the 2.15.6 version to enjoy exciting new features. Just a reminder to keep in mind that before you install IOs 16 beta, back up your devices and be sure that iMazing won’t disappoint you!

What is iMazing?

DigiDna company started its venture in the year 2008. And they are the developer of iMazing. iMazing is software that helps in managing Ipads, Iphones, Mac, and other Ios devices effortlessly. In short, it includes deleting, saving, and transferring data between iPhone and Mac or Pc devices.

Well, iMazing may look like very basic software, thou it is still loaded with a handful of features that will maze you If you are an IOS device holder. As it allows you to backup, restore your device, manage and view your photos, messages, calls, books, contacts, and many other important files.

What You Need To Know About iMazing 2.15.6

iMazing is one of the best IOS device managers, which never fails to amaze iOS users. Well, you would be excited to know what all the exciting add-ons do iMazing 2.15.6 version has to offer. So read on and get iMazing.

  • If you are waiting to install the IOS16 beta, you will be glad to know that iMazing supports it already and is compatible with macOS Ventura and IOS 16.
  • Version 2.15.6 is free to download for the current users.
  • The music feature on the app has been enhanced to give a better experience. You can now freely copy your music back and forth with any IOS device and your computer. Now, no more iTunes syncs are needed.
  • You can easily export, save and print your imessages. All your precious attachments and documents will be kept safe with iMazing.
  • It offers an exclusive app management solution too, which allows you to download your apps (.ipa) easily to your PC and has a backup and transfer app data solution too.
  • The new version has come up with an internal music player, which allows its iPhone and iPad users to listen to songs in the background without leaving the application. Not only this, the new version has come up with several music features within the app.

iMazing Now Has Its Own Music Player

iMazing has maintained its word by giving a fresh new update by adding a music player for music lovers. The release of iMazing 2.15.6 brings in a fully redesigned music section, which comes with an inbuilt music player that allows access to songs on your apple devices without having access to another app.

The software has introduced several features that help transfer and listen to music easily. Below is a list of several more add-ons you can discover after downloading the new version.

  • You get complete control of your music playlist and library on your iPhone, Ipad, and iPod.
  • Allows filtration of music tracks that already exist on the device
  • Improved table view
  • Added protection to prevent downloading DRM-protected tracks
  • Provides support for artwork
  • Have fixed bugs

iMazing Supports Apple’s Newest Betas

Before installing the I0S 15 beta, it is advised to back up your Apple devices first. For that, without any doubt, iMazing comes to the rescue as it can quickly backup everything locally, even if you are running in low storage space. Know what more iMazing can do? Read below.

  • The app supports backup snapshots.
  • The app allows automatic backups with Wifi or a USB connection which can be run in the background.
  • Backup files can be easily transferred to NAS or external media if you have low storage capacity.
  • iMazing fully supports copying any content or data from your iPhone or iPad to your computer. It also allows access to browse data, save and transfer music, recover photos, manage files and messages, and much more.

If you haven’t discovered this amazing IOS device manager yet, with the release of the iMazing 2.15.6 version, you can explore the above-listed features as it’s free to use for IOS device users.

How To Install iMazing

iMazing can be downloaded for macOS and Windows users. It also allows controlling your full IOS device easily. This software is free to download and use. However, if you wish to unlock and use some advanced functionality, you may require a one-time license purchase, which costs a very minimal amount.

You can choose from three tires: Family license, universal license, and single license. However, buying a family license is recommended as it allows access to five different devices at a time. This relieves you from the hassle by allowing everyone in your family to use iMazing with the same license.

If you wish to extend your license for your new iPad or iPhone, do not worry because iMazing allows its users to purchase a new pack while keeping the same license code. iMazing also allows an easy installation of the Ios 16 developer beta. All you have to do is go to apple’s developer page and download it to your PC.


iMazing combines multiple tools, allowing users to manage their iPhone and iPad easily. It is specially designed to provide backups for your IOS devices. And it is one of the most trusted programs in the world today. Further, iMazing 2.15.6 has proven to be the best software update till now as it comes with loaded features. We can confidently say that this update will provide you with everything you might have wished for in your iOS devices.

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