With the number of job boards increasing rampantly day by day, so have come up the increased use of different kinds & types of recruitment softwares. It is in this context and connection that an automated candidate management system (CMS) is so very crucial. Now CMS can be simple recruitment tools to large systems that incorporate interview scheduling, email tracking, personnel tracking, EEOC compliance, talent pool filtering and plenty more. The best of these systems have the ability to increase communication between the recruiters and the candidates. However, rather unfortunately; for today’s managers who are already more than overburdened so to speak the number of recruitment tools is growing almost directly proportionately to the ever-rising pool of applicants.

Here below are mentioned some ways following which you could just end up choosing the most ideal ats tracking for your company or business: –

1. Assessing Your Present Process- The first step always is of course determining how much one needs and most obviously how much one can afford.

2. Outline Your Requirements- The following step is definitely reviewing the company’s recruitment soft spots. You have to think on your toes that what are the types of candidates that you would want to have more in numbers in your company. For instance, if your company’s predominant focus is in recruiting top-class educated and highly qualified candidates then it certainly makes a lot of sense to attract the best talents keeping them engaged throughout on course of the entire recruitment process.

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Again, if you are evidently spending a lot of your time in evaluating candidates and as a result of that your regular workflow is getting disturbed then you have got to look for recruitment softwares having the capability to streamline the recruitment process and eradicate HR tasks to a large extent. You have also got to take under consideration the responsibilities and roles that you are to deliver and fulfil respectively on a routine basis. It is only after assessing the same you can go on and choose the right recruitment software that best fits them. You also need to have a list of the niche job boards being used for finding and searching potential candidates.

Then you need to check whether the software automatically posts to those job boards or not for there have been many a sector of late like that of finance, tech, healthcare and the likes where CMS have been developed keeping in mind specifically the HR needs of the concerned sector. Also not to forget to make a list of the essential functionalities like for say, whether it is more important for you to have a recruitment software that keeps away or at least lessens your HR burden by performing a number of activities and select the best of candidates for you or the one that helps you immensely in your recruitment-analytics. As you begin your quest for the most perfect recruitment software for your agency, keep the focus on your most important priority and act accordingly.

3. Consider the Scale- Previously, in the yesteryears; stand-alone ATS (applicant tracking system) and CMS were separated but these days almost all CMS is endowed and equipped with ATS functionality. The payment options need to be considered as well. If and when your company is on the verge of growing, you would like to have a tool that’s scalable and at the same time also figure out with the vendor as to what could be the cost to further customize the tool as the workforce multiplies and the company grows in stature.

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4. Evaluating Ease of Use- You should definitely consider, check and verify whether or not the product has got provision for customer support, mobile access and also how frequently the product gets updated and so on.

5. Getting an outsiders point of view- Reading authentic reviews of customers who have used the software before especially from B2B websites and not blindfolded going by reviews on the respective vendor’s website is the ultimate trick in ending up with a very good recruiting software more often than not.

6. Reaching out to the Vendors- If you already know someone personally or have good professional contact with one beforehand then it makes the job a lot easier. Otherwise, always ask for a trial version of the software so that you can have a good look at the working and functional capabilities of the same. You may also go one step further and approach the vendor to directly provide you with one of its customers with whom you can have a chat with concerning the various aspects and use of the software. This way you ensure that you choose a good vendor with good services.

7. Convenience- Convenience undoubtedly goes down as one of the high time factors no matter for what purpose you are choosing a software. Doesn’t matter what is your predominant goal with the software and what fundamental objective it is there to fulfil, it must be convenient at any cost so that it can be used smoothly by all in a hassle-free manner. It is the convenience that would enable and encourage users of the company to use the software tool more and more to their advantage.

8. Integratability with other Services- Regardless of whatever recruitment software you buy, it must be well-integrated to other systems of your framework. Mostly, the integratability would be with that of your company’s website so that candidates can be sourced directly from the company website. On some other instance, you may be looking to connect the recruiting software with various business platforms, social media channels, CRM and email. Thus, there is no denying that the recruiting software needs to be one tool which seamlessly integrates with other platforms with ease.

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9. Provides super candidate experience- Irrespective of the recruitment software chosen, the experience it provides should be top-notch. It has got to give candidates a good experience and so as to the recruiters so that both parties can have a hassle-free and smooth experience. This way not only it becomes easy for the recruiting agency but also gives the candidates a good overall experience which in turn & ultimately upholds the reputation of the company in front of the candidates making them come and apply for different posts in the future time and again without feeling disappointed or let down on moral.

10. Meeting compliance needs- This is a very important factor and needs to be taken care of for it is indeed very critical that the recruitment software thus selected and opted for meets the compliance requirements all the time. Failure to comply with that of the compliance guidelines can so very often lead to plenty of paper work along with the chances of your company or organization being penalized heavily.

Thus, a congeries of factors is there that needs to be taken care of prior to choosing a recruitment software. The software finally or eventually chosen must be the one that gives the company or organization the best of possibilities pertaining to its requirements. With the right recruitment software not only does the recruitment process gets expedited and becomes very comfortable but side by side it also helps and does good to the organization or the company in so many ways.

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