Are you worried about how you can safeguard your personal and confidential information? In a world where privacy is paramount, many of us choose to install antivirus programs on our gadgets. Some of us are even using the best VPN software to protect documents from hackers, especially to secure data while connecting to an unprotected WIFI.

However, can you even imagine a scenario where someone may switch on your computer? At the same time, you are absent and go through the history of your search engine to gather information on what you have watched last time, what you have searched, what kind of data you have downloaded, and so on? Isn’t it scary to even think if your private information gets leaked?

Well, do not worry, as all your worries and uncertainties will get resolved with Defencebyte Privacy Shield regarding protecting your information, even for the people you may allow visiting sites before your login access. So, what’s the wait? First, let’s go through how this software works and secures your information remarkably.

What is Defencebyte Privacy Shield?

All you need to safeguard your PC’s information is Data Privacy Shield by Defencybyte. The software works by deleting all the records of browsing history, software traces, and file history by keeping all the important information secure. Not only this, Defencebyte even provides full protection against hackers.

The system keeps all the possible threats out of the way, and it also maintains the security and privacy of the users in an enhanced manner. With Defecnybyte, you do not have to worry anything about it as it wipes everything away without any flaw. Even it gives password protection, including a file shredder that leaves traces behind.

Pros and Cons of Defencebyte Privacy Shield


  • Allows to schedule automatic cleaning and scanning
  • Cleans Web Browsing History and PC file history
  • It has a simple operation
  • Supported by all popular browsers
  • Comprehensive Privacy Protection
  • Boosts PC performance
  • It offers lots of features
  • It takes very little space
  • Comprehensive Privacy Protection
  • 24/7 customer care support


  • No built-in VPN
  • It doesn’t work on IOS devices.

System Requirements

The defencebyte is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10, with the following space, CPU, and Ram requirements.

  • Space: 500 MB Free Space
  • RAM: More than 1 GB
  • CPU: 1 GHz 32-Bit/ 64 Bit

Defencebyte Privacy Shield Features

The Defencebyte Privacy Shield product is a software that clears the browser history that includes remarkable features such as:

  • Deletes all the browsing history: The browser history is one of the easiest methods to track anyone, and it is considered a privacy breach. Defencebyte Privacy Shield comes as a rescue to protect your data from prying eyes by deleting the browser history.
  • Erases all the chat records: With Defencybyte Privacy Shield, you can easily protect your private and confidential chats, as it erases all the chat records from scratch. With this software, you do not have to worry about hackers sneaking glances at your conversation.
  • Protects Credentials: This software protects passwords and any other login credentials needed to view a document.
  • Automatic scheduled scan: The Defencebyte Privacy Shield regularly schedules scan and clean programs in your PCs to ensure that your gadgets are safe.
  • File Shredder: The software comes in with a unique feature that allows getting rid of unwanted files by erasing all the traces of it from the system. This feature helps in deep cleaning as well as prevents seeing unwanted data again and again.

Downloading Defencebyte Privacy Shield

You can easily download the defencebyte privacy shield from their official site. All you have to do is, visit the site and select the program and number of computers you wish to use. Then, fill up their form by adding the details such as your Email ID/name and click on the option of Defencebyte privacy shield download link. It will get downloaded to your computer with a click, and you will get the licensing details via email.

After you have downloaded and installed the software, you can click on the option “Register Now.” The software will ask for the license for that. Just copy and paste the license you have received on your email, and after this, the program will get activated.

After the activation, we are sure that you will be amazed at how much your computer was compromised. However, there is no need to worry, as the software works pretty well to scan and remove all the data.

How Does Defencebyte Privacy Shield Work?

Once you have installed the software on your computer, you will get a message to conduct a complete scan and clean of your computer. We suggest you click on the “yes” option and look at how the software works to check your entire hard disk that further reports and shows the faults.

The software provides an in-depth report on the number of issues found in browser history, Profile, Passwords, Local trace files, IM history, Cookies, and Usernames. To give you extra security, Defencebyte gives you suggestions too so that you can take preventive measures to secure your data.

Pricing and Payments

The defencebyte privacy shield has several prices and packages depending on users’ needs per computer they may wish to install. The pricings are as follows:

  • The cost of a 1-year subscription for one computer costs for around-$38.95
  • The cost of a 1-year subscription for three computers costs for around- $78.95
  • The cost of a 1-year subscription for five computers costs for around- $111.95
  • The cost of a 1-year subscription for ten computers costs for around- $181.95

Payment Methods

  • Accepts major credit cards (Mastercard/ Visa)
  • Paypal

Free Trial

If you are curious how the defencebyte privacy shield works, you can take a 30-day free trial to test out its full functionality without spending even a single penny.

Money-back Guarantee

In addition to the free trial opportunity, this software also allows you to get yourself a 30-day money-back to determine whether this software lives up to your expectations. Moreover, it also allows you to get used to how it will work for you.

How Best Is defencebyte, Privacy Shield, As Per User’s Experience?

Defencebyte provides a remarkable user experience, providing protection, quick scans, optimization, or even custom scam. In addition, it has a user-friendly interface that makes it relatively easy for the users to navigate as per their needs.

1. Easy to use interface

As mentioned, defencebyte has an easy-to-navigate user interface, which has all options and sections on the left-hand side of the menu. The overview section has the general scanning options. To scan large files, you can start scanning them by choosing the large scan button.

To access the utility tools, you can check the tabs above. Not only this, if you wish to change the settings, it can be quickly done by setting the icon from the manage tab that’s in the above. Thus, all the features are easy to navigate.

2. 24/7 customer support

In case you wish to connect with customer support, below are some methods through which you can connect and get help:

  • Email and ticketing
  • Fill up the query form

Should You Get Defencebyte Privacy Shield?

As each of us is busy with our working schedule, there might be a high chance you can forget to erase your history on the browser. Also, in case you are in a corporate job, there is even a high chance that you might have to use multiple browsers to get your work done. For this, we highly recommend you buy defencebyte privacy shield to secure your data, and its ease of use gives this software an extra advance over other programs in the market.

Final Verdict

Defencebytes offers many features that let its user elevate the protection of their personal and confidential data. It’s one of the best software today in the market which one could ever ask for! Well, what’s more exciting about this software is that it allows its users to choose services they need without forcing them to adhere to all. In providing safety and security of your data, this software has passed against all the malware tests that prove vital to keeping your data safe.