Instagram Photo Downloader For Chrome – How to Use Instagram on PC

We used to use Instagram only from our mobile phones. However, the pc version of this app is not that bad, maybe even better than the mobile version. For example, you can enjoy Instagram posts on the bigger screen to see all the details.

Instagram even allows you to post to Instagram from pc. You can also download photos from Instagram with the help of the bot by Inflact. It’s very convenient when you don’t have your phone nearby or when you want to use a bigger screen.

Why make posts from your computer?

We usually perceive Instagram as an app that is perfect for mobile photography. However, if you want your profile to be different, you can upload photos made on a professional camera. Moreover, if you upload such a photo to Instagram from your computer, you will be able to save the quality.

If you are a Social Media Marketing specialist, you can manage several accounts, which increases the risks of messing everything up. For example, you`re managing the account of some small business or a shop and your account simultaneously.

In this case, a small mistake of accidentally posting your photo on the working account can cost you a job. Here, posting to Instagram from a pc becomes useful because you won`t mix everything up when you have different devices for different accounts. In addition, you can use other graphic editors on pc to create content for your working account.

If you use canva or photoshop, posting photos to Instagram from a pc is much more convenient and time-saving than your phone. This opportunity will help you to save the quality as well.

The most common situation when you need to use Instagram for your pc and post photos from it is when you just have those photos on your computer, but not on your phone. So, there are several reasons which can make you use this opportunity.

How to use

  1. Login into your account from your personal computer using your phone, email, phone number and password;
  2. The button of posting (you can recognize it by the +) is located in the top bar;
  3. Now you need to select the photo you want to post on your computer (Select…);
  4. Make your choice;
  5. Edit the photo according to your preferences. You can crop it or zoom it if needed;
  6. Now, you can choose an appropriate filter or adjust the brightness, coldness, contrast, colors, and many other different parameters;
  7. When you’ve done all the necessary editing, you need to write a catchy caption (you can post a photo without a caption as well);
  8. You can also add the location or capture someone, but this is optional. However, we recommend you not miss the location step because it will make it easier for other Instagram users to find you.
  9. The only thing left for you to do now is to click the ‘Share’ button.

Congratulations! You`ve just posted a photo on Instagram. Enjoy your post!

Those are not all the options you have on an Instagram desktop version. The service allows you to comment and like posts on other accounts, view your direct, and reply to the messages. You can even watch and reply to the stories of other people. However, you shouldn’t forget that you can`t post your own, which is a significant disadvantage, especially if you use Instagram as a marketing tool for business accounts.

How to post on Instagram if you don’t have your pc around

There are a lot of modern services that can make Instagram posting much easier. Hanging around with your computer all the time may be exhausting. That’s why we sincerely recommend you to use those services. For example, HubSpot’s social media management tool.

The service allows you to create a posting schedule and makes posts according to the time you have set in advance. All you need is to upload a photo, write a caption and choose the time. You don`t even have to enter Instagram. This app is excellent for those who are committed to multitasking.

How to use Instagram like a pro

Now you know how to use your pc to make your Instagram experience more engaging and convenient for you. With the help of those services, you will save a lot of time and work more effectively by using all the opportunities modern advanced tools can provide you with.

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