Business entities are now using the social media platform with the best tools to differentiate between their current and potential audience. However, for marketing and managing a business on Instagram, it is necessary to learn how to see what someone likes on Instagram and check its activity history.

Along with these skills, a good Instagram tracker should also be able to check Insta stalk activity. Insta stalk is the favorite activity for Instagram user that help them to get things when they are looking to get something interesting. The best marketing on Instagram is to check people’s interests and how see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

Snoopreport Instagram activity tracker allows out insights of tracked users

Apps for Instagram out insights into your current and potential audience

No doubt, in the beginning, it seems impossible when thinking the question of how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram and get their Instagram activity history. It was impossible, but now with new tools and technologies, it is possible to get the answer to all knocking questions. You can use the following apps to track your posts’ Instagram leading report.


Snoopreport is a multitasking app to get your hold on your Instagram business promoting account. You do not know about the activities of different Instagram users, but it knows what they like to follow, recommend to their friends, and love to buy. By using the Instagram tracker Snoopreport app, which knows how to see what someone wants on Instagram, you can get access to the productive and potential audience. Snoopreport app supports you by using its following features.

Helps to discover the interest of Instagram Users

Snoopreport, first of all, looks for the Instagram users’ interests. Then, this app looks deeply into the different users’ accounts, followers, and their followers and interests.

It tells you about the trends of today

It gets the trending posts and campaigns of relevant business accounts on Instagram.

Prepares optimized report

You do not need to spend much time developing and comparing the reports as it already makes precise and optimized reports. Moreover, the reports are much clearer and more optimized, so you do not need to read deeply for comparison because they are transparent enough through the graph.

Decides your marketing campaigns

Snoopreport App also helps you decide on new marketing campaigns with maximum productive content and ideas.


SmartMetrics is an excellent Instagram tracker that only looks for the posts’ content and helps you get the relevant and most productive Hashtags. With the help of the following features, this app can get you the best support on your Instagram business account by providing an Instagram activity history.

Collects followers biography

SmartMetrics helps you collect your followers’ biography like name, city, country, and age profiles. It will help you to decide about your target from the Instagram public.

Look for the competitors’ profiles

SmartMetrics look for your business competitor if you are a designer. It will find other designers and look into their posts, campaigns, and the response of the Instagram users.

Keeps sending reports to customers

It also keeps sending reports about your post if you deal with his Instagram account.

It keeps updating you hourly

SmartMetrics app does not keep you unaware of the facts about your campaigns and posts on Instagram but lets us keep updating you every hour.

How to see likes on Instagram of others?

Visitors analysis

SmartMetrics also keeps collecting the data of visitors to your post and campaign, which will help you decide whether the campaign was effective and needs some improvement.


KeyHole marketing tool is best to give you insight into your current and potential audience on Instagram. In addition, you can benefit from the KeyHole application due to its following features.

It helps to prove your campaign on Instagram

KeyHole tool helps you prove you are running a competent Instagram business account by sharing the reports day-by-day.

Tracks Hashtags and posts

KeyHole Instagram tracker will also help you track Hashtags from different high-ranking Instagram posts. Hashtags of the posts will allow you to decide what type of followers you have and how to get new potential followers.

Collects data precisely

It collects data precisely so that the reports can show the proper analysis.

Creates reports

KeyHole will create a report reflecting daily, weekly, and monthly analysis through statics.


TapInfluence Instagram influencer tracking app is one of the best apps to know the potential influencers for your or your client’s business. You will track influencers’ Instagram activity history and desires to develop the strategies accordingly.

Identification of Influencers

First, TapInfluence will identify the influencers of your posts by setting ads campaign.

Analysis of database influencer

When you know the influencers of your business page, posts, and campaigns, it is easy to track the database influencers. TapInfluence will let you know what influencers like and what your need to improve.

Hashtag searching

TapInfluence app will get you well-searched and defined Hashtags that you can use for your posts and grab a maximum number of searches from Instagram users.

Snoopreport provides a detailed report on liked media hashtags

Prepares report for influencers

TapInfluence will also let you prepare a special collective report of the influencers of your post.


It helps you to observe the Instagram colony closely

Squarelovin helps you look keenly into the Instagram colony and lets you decide what type of followers you have and what kinds of potential followers you need.

Allows you to focus on a productive strategy

It will help you quit on useless things you were doing on Instagram and decide on productive strategies to reach a potential audience.


To get an insight into your Instagram audience, you will need some apps like those shared above and improve the strategies to convert it to the potential audience.