How to Prevent Hackers From Spying on Snapchat

Snapchat has been at the center of several attempts of hacking and data leaks. From the Snappening to other smaller incidents worldwide, Further, with cybercrime rates worldwide on the rise, it has become ever so important that Snapchat users use all the means available to keep their accounts and data safe.

With many a Snapchat tracker available online, hackers have easy access to their victims’ data, but there are several ways in which one can keep their data safe. This guide will list some of the best ways to protect your Snapchat account, among other common tips that can also be applied to other social media applications.

The 5 Best Ways to Protect Your Snapchat

Given below are the five best tips to keep in mind if you want to prevent someone from Spaying on Snapchat on your devices.

Ensure a ‘Friends Only’ Policy

The first and most important step to keep your Snapchat account safe from potentially dangerous people is to ensure a ‘friends only’ policy. This goes a long way in preventing strangers who could potentially be cyber criminals from gaining access to your data. Every Snapchat account displays some information publicly, such as your location, name, etc. While there are ways to disable these, they still pose a significant loophole to be exploited in the wrong hands.

As a result, ensuring that the only people on your list are those you completely trust is crucial. These could be a select group of friends, family members, or coworkers. It’s best to avoid adding people to have a longer friend list or increase the possibility of increasing your score.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Safer Logins

Most social media accounts allow you to log in using your email or username and password. However, the downside of this method is that it makes it easy for someone to perform a brute force attack on your account to crack your password. Additionally, if someone happens to get a hold of your login credentials, they can easily use them to log into your account and steal your data or use it to taint your reputation.

However, there’s a solution to this. Snapchat offers a more protected means to log in, using two-factor authentication. This method relies on sending can log-in code or a One Time Password for your Snapchat on your registered mobile number or email address to enable you to log into your account. This protects you as the only way for someone to hack into your account is if they have access to your phone or your email account.

Hide the Quick Add Option

Just as platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer suggestions for people to add to your list, Snapchat also offers a similar Quick Add feature. This enables people on your contact list or friends of friends to add you to their list. One of the best ways to prevent malicious people from adding you to their list using this feature is to disable Quick Add all together.

You can do this very easily by accessing Settings > Quick Add > and unchecking the option to disable it.

Make use of a Password Manager

Like two-factor authentication helps add a second line of defense to your Snapchat login, using a password manager is another way to prevent someone from spying on Snapchat using Snapchat spy apps. A password manager is a tool that generates complex passwords for all your accounts and enables you to log into any of them using just a single password for the tool itself.

This takes away the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for each account while ensuring your security. In addition, it’s a great way to prevent hackers from spying on people’s Snapchat.

Use a VPN When Using Snapchat Using a Public Wi-Fi Network

Public Wi-Fi networks are major hotspots for hackers trying to victimize an unsuspecting user who uses it to log into their Snapchat account. However, a VPN is a great way to prevent this from happening. This tool creates a network within the larger Wi-Fi network to allow you to access the internet safely and securely.

If a hacker’s wondering how to get into someone’s Snapchat and uses this Wi-Fi network to hack yours, the VPN will prevent it from happening. Some good examples of VPNs are SurfShark and Nord VPN.


Snapchat is a very popular social media tool. However, the nature of the communication on the app, especially since it’s image-based, can often prove to be a risk to one’s privacy and digital security. As a result, you must take all the precautions to keep your Snapchat account safe.

This guide has listed 5 essential tips that you can implement. Certain steps can be taken within the app itself, making them easy. Enabling and implementing these can be the difference between your data being safe or in the wrong hands. With tools like spy apps becoming ever so popular, as Angelica Rivera’s analysis shows, this is of the utmost importance.

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