Instagram has established itself as today’s generation’s go-to social media platform. Even though Facebook had more functionality than other social media platforms, Instagram soon became a popular favorite due to its simple design and user interface. While you can only post videos, photos, stories and send messages, the app’s simplicity allows even older people to use the app with ease.

There are two options for the privacy of your accounts: Public and Private. Public accounts, as the name suggests, allow anyone on the app to see your feed. Private on the other hand, only allows the user’s followers to view their feed. This can make it susceptible to snooping.

What is Snooping?

Snooping on Instagram is the process of invading one’s privacy using different means. Anyone with the right tools can snoop, be it your ex, an old enemy, or even people with ulterior motives. They can use different apps or websites to look into your private account and use the information found for their motives.

Maybe you are a crazy, die-hard fan of a celebrity and want to know their every move. Or it can be just that you want to know what kind of person your date is beforehand, just in case. Or, maybe someone wants to get your data to sell and earn money. The uses are endless. Let’s look at some ways you can detect if someone has been snooping on you

How To Tell If Someone’s Been Snooping Around

1. Check your following and follower list

If you see someone on your following/follower list that you didn’t approve or remember approving, chances are someone has been snooping on your Instagram with access to your credentials. This leads us to the next point.

2. Check your login activity

If you notice a login from a device that you’re not familiar with, or if your account was accessed from a device you know but at a time you don’t remember logging in, there is a high chance that someone has been snooping.

3. Check your email

Usually, when someone does access your account, Instagram sends you an email regarding the account and if any changes have been made. This could tie into the follower/following or the unusual login points stated above.

4. Check your messages

If there are messages from unknown accounts or messages sent by “you” but you don’t remember sending any, again, someone might be snooping around on your account.

How Do You Snoop?

Well, like real-life stalking, snooping also falls in a grey area when it comes to its ethical and moral issues. It could be done for good to protect yourself from danger, but it can also be done for petty reasons, or even to steal your data. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s look at some ways you can snoop on someone’s Instagram account.

1. Using parental control software

Parental control software is best if you want to monitor your children’s Instagram activity, legally. You can use the software’s Instagram tracker feature to know if they are in danger from creeps on the Internet, or if they are being problematic on the app.

The only minor issue is that you may have to install the software on the device without your child noticing. But some software allows you to monitor remotely without any app installation.

2. Using a paid Instagram tracker

With such software that focuses solely on Instagram snooping, you can get access to the account’s every activity quite easily. You may not even need to install the app on the target device. You will get reports on what the target has shared, liked, who they have followed, and more. But you have to be aware of fake scammer websites that let you snoop for free, as these websites might be stealing YOUR data in the process.

3. Getting the person’s account credentials

This is the hardest method by which you can get access to someone’s Instagram activity. Getting the target’s account credentials requires you to physically access their devices and get their email and password without the target noticing. There are numerous difficulties in doing so.

First, you will have to bypass any biometric or pin the target has put up on their phone. Then, if the target has put an app lock, you will have to bypass that as well. Unless you have some skills to allow you to do all of this remotely, this is the hardest method of all.

You will have to be aware of the software limitations as some can only snoop on public accounts and their activity.

How To Protect Yourself From Being Snooped Upon

So, now that you have learned what snooping is and how to do it, what can you do to protect yourself if this ever happens to you? Well, there are a couple of steps to go about it, but none can guarantee that some great hacker won’t just hack your account without you even knowing. But regardless, these few steps will ensure that the general populace won’t be able to snoop around on your Instagram account.

1. Keep your passwords secure and updated

Always note your passwords in a secure password manager and keep changing the passwords periodically. Changing them logs you out of all the other devices used to access your account, keeping only the current device logged in. Hey, we know you still love that password you made back when you were younger and can’t be bothered to memorize a new one, but if you want your account to be safe, you’ve got to let go of the old passwords.

2. Don’t click on links from people you suspect that may snoop on you

These days you can’t be too sure of anyone. Seemingly harmless links sent to you via Instagram, or any social media for that matter, could be used to hack into your account. Anyone from a total stranger to a close friend could do this to snoop on you. That’s why you have to be sure of the external link you’ve received, regardless of the source.

3. Enable 2FA or Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is the best way you can keep your account safe from being snooped upon. 2FA feature lets you get an email or a text every time someone tries to log in to your account. If you randomly get an email regarding a login, be sure to report it to Instagram and change all your passwords. Make sure you use this feature for every app or website that has it.

4. Keep your contact details up to date

Coming from the 2FA point, always make sure the phone number and email ID that you’ve given on Instagram as recovery are up to date. This allows you to receive emails and/or texts every time someone accesses your account, and determine if your account has been hacked.

5. Use an Instagram Protector software

Last, but not least, use a paid Instagram snoop protection software so that even if you’ve followed all the previous steps and a snooper still manages to almost hack you, you have an extra layer of protection. But again, beware of frauds on the Internet that tell you they can protect you for a hefty monthly sum while snooping on you.

Instagram is a great social media platform if you want simplicity and ease of use. But it can turn awry if bad actors employ these means of snooping. That is why you should follow these steps to stay safe from snooping while using the app.


We hope you have learned how to snoop and protect yourself from being snooped upon. You should only do snooping to protect yourself from unknown people online. Snooping can be illegal most of the time, and you can get into some serious trouble if caught. So be careful if you partake in such activities.