Glassagram Review: The Best Legit Insta Viewer That Works

Instagram is the place where billions of people hang out daily. This widespread social media platform has become a hub for sharing significant life events by posting reels, stories, and photos. Despite being an excellent communication and entertaining platform, many users keep their accounts private, requiring you to send a follow request so they will get it and agree to allow the following. But what if not? What if they decline your request? Or, what if you prefer to browse their profile discreetly, without their knowledge?


Glassagram ‒ all the rage! It’s the tool that has already gained an excellent reputation among its users for being a discreet and reliable tool, enabling its users to peek behind the curtain of any public or private IG account without leaving any sign of digital activity.

With many Glassagram reviews on the internet, not all tell about this viewer tool’s ins and outs. We’ll unveil how it navigates through Meta’s privacy policies and more. Ready to discover its secrets?

What Is Glassagram?

Are you exhausted of Instagram restrictions, blocking, or disappearing within 24-hour stories? Glassagram is the tool that helps with it. With Glassagram, you can save these stories in your user space for up to 3 months and view them whenever you want.

You do not need to worry that you may miss any important information. Even if the user posts and deletes a story, Glassagram will automatically catch it and save it for you.

Glassagram offers real-time tracking capabilities, allowing users to discreetly view private and public IG profiles, reels, posts, comments, following, and followers lists without them knowing. Its simple interface and detailed analytics make it invaluable for concerned parents, jealous spouses, businesses, marketers, and anyone wanting to discretely monitor other people’s interactions.

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Glassagram Features

A quick search for “Instagram story viewer” on Google brings up many unknown sites, which frustrate you. But this is not the case when talking about Glassagram. It is the top-notch solution for safe, legit, and anonymous monitoring of any Instagram account. Well, let’s talk about the core features that make up Glassagram.

  • Anonymous Insta stories viewing: Glassagram allows you to watch stories in incognito mode. Even more important is that it overcomes Instagram’s 24-hour story limit. It saves the stories of your target IG account for 3 months in your user space, allowing you to view them whenever desired.
  • Glassagram 2

  • Discreet browsing and downloading posted media content: The tool allows you to browse and view reels, highlights, and posts anonymously without following the target’s private or public IG account. You can check your target’s posting history in a convenient calendar view. Plus, you can easily download media content by simply long-pressing the video or photo you wish to download.
  • Glassagram 3

  • Access to following and followers lists: Wanna see who is in your target’s friends list or who your target follows? Sure. This feature is a great solution for those who want to check the info but do not want to send them the follow request.
  • Advanced “hot likes” feature: Have you ever felt a huge interest in someone and, for this reason, gone through their entire Instagram content, leaving a like on each of their IG posts? When you like someone, you will be motivated to get their attention. But what if another person does this to your target? Feeling jealous? Use Glassagram to spot any increased interest in your target’s IG account.
  • Glassagram 4

  • Comments reading: Want to know who left a comment under your target’s post? Sure. All the info will be provided in your user space.
  • Tagged photos and location tags viewing: In addition to the above-listed features, Glassagram provides access to the tagged photos and locations of the person whose IG activity you monitor. It’s a straightforward way to get a complete picture of their online presence.

Pros & Cons


  • Anonymous stories viewing in real-time
  • Access to the target’s IG content, comments, likes, tagged photos, and location tags
  • Compatibility with any operating system (Android, iOS, MAC OS or Windows)
  • No installation required
  • Tracking as private as public IG accounts
  • Stories can be watched and saved for 3 months
  • No need to be registered on the Instagram platform
  • Glassagram allows the monitoring of all IG accounts, even if you are blocked or restricted by the target user
  • Automatic updates for public IG account viewing (so there is no need to press the “Update” button every 24 hours to update the info)
  • Reasonably priced subscription plans
  • 24/7 email or live chat support upon signing up
  • Premium support via phone


  • Does not track DMs
  • No free or demo version
  • Data retrieval from private IG accounts takes up to 7 days because of strict Instagram policies

How Does Glassagram Work?

The private IG viewer captures the target account’s activities on Instagram and stores them on dedicated Glassagram servers. So, even if your target deleted stories or posts, you can access them by logging into your userspace for up to 3 months after posting.

Well, how does Glassagram work or how to get started with it? Here is a detailed guide of steps to follow:

  1. Insert in any browser using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  2. On the website, click the “Watch Now” button.
  3.  Glassagram 6

  4. Now choose the type of IG account you want to monitor: “Open” or “Private” and click “Next”.
  5. Glassagram7

  6. Enter the target’s user name or insert the URL to their IG account and click “Watch”.
  7. Glassagram8

  8. Create an account by entering a valid email address and accepting the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Notice”. If desired, you may sign up with your Google or Facebook account.
  9. Glassagram9

  10. Click “Sign Up”.
  11. Select a subscription plan.
  12. Proceed with payment.
  13. Once done, Glasagram will send you login credentials.
  14. Use them to sign up.
  15. After signing in, you will just have to wait while it scans the profile for you and lands the results on the dashboard.
  16. Glassagram10

  17. Go to your Glassagram account and view the target IG’s content anonymously.

Remember that retrieving data may take up to 24 hours for public accounts and up to 7 days for private ones.


Glassagram has flexible payment plans that allow you to access its stellar service at pocket-friendly prices. Here are the subscription plans you may choose between:

  1. 1-month subscription plan: It’s the best choice for short-term tracking. The package comes at $49.99 and provides access to all the features of Glassagram.
  2. 3-month subscription plan: You can access all premium Glassagram features for $29.99 monthly, totaling $89.97 per three-month usage.
  3. Annual subscription plan: The best bet for those who want to save. It will cost you only $12.49 a month or $149.88 a year.

Glassagram pricing

Although Glassagram offers live chat and email customer support upon signing up, you can get premium support via phone. The latter is upon request for an extra $9.59 per month.

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Glassagram Reviews

To give you a truthful review of Glassagram, we’ve checked out what real customers say on reputable third-party websites like Trustpilot.

This reviewer touched upon a positive we mentioned – that you don’t need to sign up or provide your private data to use Glassagram. The app works anonymously and fast.

Glassagram review

The other user’s review says that the app allows reading other people’s comments on Instagram without following.

Glassagram review 2

People like the way Glassagram works:

Glassagram review 3

Besides positive reviews, we’ve also found negative ones. Here’s one of them:

Glassagram negative review

The user says Glassagram is a scam because it continued to charge their account after a month of subscription. This can be avoided if, while making a payment, you turn off the auto prolong feature.


Glassagram stands out as an exceptional Instagram viewer app, granting you access to any public or private IG account without requiring a follow. Even if you’ve been blocked or restricted by a user, or if you haven’t created your own IG account, Glassagram swiftly provides access to your target’s Instagram profile, allowing you to view their content discreetly. Whether you monitor your spouse, children, or business competitors, this Instagram viewer app offers convenient features tailored to your needs.


Does Glassagram notify the private or public IG account owners their stories were viewed?

No, it doesn’t. It’s an anonymous tool that won’t notify the IG profile owners when their stories are viewed. It ensures your viewing remains discreet and undetected, providing peace of mind as you navigate through IG profiles and content.

Can you view private Instagram accounts with Glassagram?

Yes. The app allows you to track public and private Instagram accounts. However, you should remember that the data retrieval from the latter may take up to 7 days because of strict Instagram policy.

Is Glassagram legit?

Yes. Glassagram is a web-based tool that does not require you to provide personal information. For this reason, the target user will never find out you are tracking them. So, there are no risks associated with the tool usage.

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