Hashtags are ideal for making your brand/content more discoverable on social media, utilizing trending topics to your advantage, and raising brand awareness. One of the social media sites that significantly relies on hashtags is Facebook, the 3rd most visited site in the world.

Undoubtedly, hashtags can get up your social media marketing game on Facebook. Of course, you can also leverage the services of an organic growth tool that allows you to get Facebook free likes to make your social media presence more visible on the platform. Nevertheless, you must use hashtags on Facebook to their full potential by following the 8 effective tips mentioned in this article. So let’s dive into it!

1: Use Branded Hashtags

You should come up with a branded hashtag that is exclusive to your brand. For instance, many brands like H&M use branded hashtags for all their posts on social media. This helps them increase their reach and makes them more discoverable on the platform.

Of course, you may want to use several other hashtags along with your branded hashtag, but this will give you a chance to make all your brand-related content discoverable on a single page on Facebook.

You should also encourage your customers to use branded hashtags in their posts when mentioning you to boost brand awareness.

2: Use Twitter and Instagram Hashtags on Your Facebook Page

Many people make a mistake by not using the same hashtags on their Facebook page that they’re using on their other social media accounts like Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. This limits you from delivering the same brand message to different audiences connected to you on different social media platforms.

Therefore, you must utilize the same hashtags for the message you’re trying to deliver on all your social media pages so your efforts and resources don’t go to waste.

3: Don’t Go Overboard With Hashtags on Facebook

If you think adding many hashtags to your Facebook posts will let you harness more significant benefits, you need to reconsider this. Using too many hashtags won’t make you more discoverable on the platform. Instead, it will lead to the ranking algorithm and your followers recognizing your post as spammy, negatively affecting your social media performance.

Hence, using 2 to 3 hashtags per post is better. This way, you will be able to attract a greater audience to your Facebook page and get a better engagement rate on your posts.

4: Use Only Relevant Hashtags

You may find several trending hashtags on Facebook and be tempted to use most of them to lure the audience into checking out your page. However, you should remember that using hashtags most relevant to your brand will help you attract the right audience to your page, which will engage with your business.

Therefore, using trending hashtags relevant to your brand is recommended only. This way, if someone is looking for a relevant topic, they may be able to discover your brand as well.

5: Use Hashtags When Sharing Other Users’ Posts

Whether you’re sharing an informative post or a testimonial on your Facebook page, don’t forget to use relevant hashtags with them. You will not only be utilizing user-generated content to attract an additional audience, but you will also immediately bring their attention to your brand when they search for a specific hashtag.

6: Evaluate Your Competitors’ Posts

As a brand, you want to be ahead of your competitors. What’s great about Facebook is that anyone can view a public Facebook page. Therefore, you should use your competitors’ Facebook pages to your advantage and scroll through their posts.

As you’re scrolling, jot down the hashtags that seem quite relevant and valuable to you. Once you’re done, search for those hashtags on Facebook and start incorporating them into your posts. You will use the most appropriate hashtags to deliver organic results.

7: Monitor Your Hashtags

Simply using hashtags on your Facebook account won’t do any good to you if they are left unmonitored. Instead, you must leverage the built-in analytics section of your account and view the detailed insights.

Whenever you incorporate a new hashtag strategy, you must keep an eye on the analytics, as they will tell you what’s working best for you. If you aren’t getting the desired results, you should research and incorporate new hashtags to make your efforts and money worthwhile. Regularly monitoring and tailoring your hashtag strategy will be your best bet here.

8: Search for Hashtags Using the Facebook Search Bar

The Facebook search bar is another great way to look up hashtags your relevant audience is most interested in. Try to search for a hashtag that you think is relevant to your brand, as this can give you a better understanding, and you will also be able to find an audience with similar interests.

This method can also facilitate you in searching for posts that are getting the highest number of likes and comments so that you can try those hashtags for your Facebook posts.