ExpressVPN Review 2021 – Top Rated VPN For Stable Connection

If you are looking for a stable, high-speed VPN service that can be used to safeguard all online activities, ExpressVPN is the best choice. This is because it offers a large number of server locations to choose from and with consistent speed and stability all the time.


  • Swift set up and user-friendly
  • Fantastic to stream geo-blocked services, as well as Netflix and Hulu.
  • 3,000+ servers in 94 locations worldwide
  • Top 24/7 customer service
  • There is no limit to traffic and burning speed
  • Strict login policy
  • To stream geo-blocked services, as well as Netflix and Hulu.

Why VPN Is Important?

The virtual network gives you online privacy and anonymity by developing your network from a public internet connection.

VPNs mask your net protocol (IP) address so that your online moves are untraceable. More importantly, VPN offerings establish relaxed and encrypted connections, assured of extra privacy than even a secured wireless hotspot.

VPN network makes sure to establish a protected and secure connection between you and the browser.

This disguises your IP when you operate through the net, making its place invisible to each person. VPN connections are also safer compared to external attacks.

ExpressVPN Features

  • Expressvpn is one of the Fastest VPNs ever examined. We’ve recorded a median speed loss of simply 8% connecting to its nearby VPN servers.
  • The VPN’s speeds are remarkably constant, on both short-distance and long-distance connections.
  • All apps connect quickly to servers and don’t face connection drops issues over thousands of tests.
  • What stands out is ExpressVPN’s speeds on long-distance connections. It’s the first-rate VPN to connect to a long way far away from your actual vicinity.
  • Expressvpn additionally uses the best secrecy. This is a relatively advanced function that modifies your encryption key each time you go browsing so that you’re assigned a brand new one at the beginning of every consultation.

Why is ExpressVPN Top-Rated VPN?

Its protection and speeds are rapid as well as reliable, and unmatched. Reviews confirm that it’s worth the value.

Whatever gadgets you use, you get an equally smooth user experience with all ExpressVPN apps.

Whether you want to turn on US Netflix or protect your online privacy, ExpressVPN is perfect for both primary and secondary VPN users.

They offer one of the finest all-around VPN offerings ever seen and are exceptional for a ramification of uses.

It’s easy to see why ExpressVPN is so broadly used – not least for its incredible speeds. It has a lot to offer, including the highest level of encryption, the largest global network, superior split tunneling, and the best unlocking skills.

From its strict 0-logging coverage to its trusted server generation, ExpressVPN is honestly devoted to shielding your safety and ensuring your anonymity and privateness online.

Expressvpn is complex in operations and capabilities, but it keeps its system smooth and easy to use. This makes it ready for a newbie VPN for a complex user.

Pricing/Subscription Of ExpressVPN

Expressvpn has three subscription options: $12.95 billed every month, $59.95 billed each six months, or $ 99.95 billed yearly. As with maximum VPN carrier plans, the fine distinction is how long you commit.


The organization accepts prices through all-principal credit cards, PayPal, and different services, including WebMoney. You also can buy an ExpressVPN subscription with bitcoin.

You’ll save money with ExpressVPN’s 6-month and annual plans. However, the annual plan of $99.95 is still nicely above the $70.06 average. Kaspersky’s comfy connection has the bottom annual price of any VPN we have seen, at just $29.99 per 12 months. Normally, it’s far too early to start with an annual or long-time period VPN subscription.

As a substitute, use the shortest option—or free subscription, if you can discover one—so you can take a look at the VPN with all of the sites and offerings you need.

The most effective thing cheaper than cheap is free. However, ExpressVPN does not provide a free VPN subscription tier.

Server Locations

Expressvpn is one of the few VPN services which can be open and apparent about using virtual server places.

The virtual VPN server is physically located in the country or city you wish to contact.

The server and the IP address with its assigns are positioned in the identical country. This is because most ExpressVPN servers are physical.

ExpressVPN have servers in 160 places and 94 international locations, with the largest numbers of servers placed in Brazil, Canada, United States, Netherlands, Hong Kong, India, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, united kingdom, Australia, and Taiwan. In April 2019, ExpressVPN announced that every one of their VPN servers runs best on unstable memory (ram), no longer on hard drives. This was the primary instance within the VPN industry for server security setup and is referred to as a trusted server.


Out of the total 190 server locations, 40+ are Virtual Server Locations. Virtual server locations work beyond the limits of internet geo-restrictions. Your IP continues to be registered in the country you’ve selected to connect. However, if the server is physically available from you beyond prediction, it could affect the connection’s speed.

Pros & Cons


  • Particularly fast & reliable speeds
  • Strong protection & AES-256 bit encryption
  • Works with Netflix, Disney +, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • Safe, rapid & unrestricted torrenting/P2P.
  • Audited zero-logs policy & no IP leaks
  • Consumer-pleasant pc, mac, ios, android & firestick apps.


  • No Linux GUI (Available with command based setup)
  • High-priced, when compared to other services
  • No dedicated IP is offered

Final Words

ExpressVPN is the most trusted and most used VPN service all around the world. The plan and pricing of ExpressVPN are a bit expensive while comparing with some other services. However, considering the speed and the reliability in connection. It is worth subscribing to. If you are looking for a VPN that works seamlessly for all the streaming services, including Netflix, then ExpressVPN is the best choice.

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