Finally, after a long wait, two big tech companies kept their words and now official YouTube app for Fire TV Stick and Chromecast support for Amazon Prime Video app is now available. Because of the competition in the streaming services, Amazon was not providing support for Chromecast in the application till now. Hence Prime Videos can be watched only on Fire TV. You can find the official application download link at the end.

Anyone wish to watch Prime Videos on Chromecast needs to use the web version of Prime Video on Chrome Browser and to use the inbuilt cast feature. Now, the complicated things is not there. Amazon updated their application now and all the users can now cast the content from the Prime Video application to Chromecast directly.

Similarly, YouTube application is also back on FireTV. Earlier, the official YouTube application for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick was available. But Google Pulled out the application from the app store and Fire TV users has to use the Silk Browser to use YouTube on the device.

Now all the issues got solved and the rival companies came to a mutual tie up. Hence both Chromecast users and Fire TV users can enjoy services from both companies without having their own devices.

If you are a Chromecast user, then go to Play Store or the App store and update your Prime Video application to enjoy the Prime Video on your Big Screen using Chromecast. If you are a Fire TV users, then go to the Amazon app store and download the official YouTube application on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

It is also to be noted that, YouTube for Fire TV comes with all the features that Fire TV provides, it comes with Alexa support and you can play the content from YouTube using the Alexa Voice assistance. Google also confirmed that other services like YouTube TV and YouTube Kids will also be available on Fire TV in the coming months.

Download Official YouTube Application for Fire TV

Download Prime Video Application for Android and IOS

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