After a long waiting time, one good news for the streaming users is out now. The most awaited feature of Chromecast support for Amazon Prime Videos and YouTube application for Fire TV will be available in the coming months.

It was one of the most demanded features that Amazon Prime Video’s support for Chromecast, but it wasn’t a reality until now. Because of the business war, both companies didn’t provide support for other devices.

As we all know, Chromecast is a Google product and Fire TV is an Amazon Product. Looking into the service, YouTube is from Google and Prime Videos is from Amazon, hence both companies were not providing supporting apps on other devices. Even Though both Fire TV and Chromecast are popularly used as the streaming device, each of them has its own features and specialty.

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For some, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, etc are favorite, whereas, for some other, it is Chromecast. Fire TV has some advantage over Chromecast when it comes to usability and by this, your normal TV can be converted to a smart tv and can control each and every activity using a remote.

When it comes to Chromecast, the control is completely using the mobile device. You can cast contents from your mobile to the Chromecast connected TV. Most of the streaming applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, etc support casting by which you can play the content on your TV using your mobile.

When YouTube App for Fire TV and Chromecast support for Prime Videos be available?

On a mutual agreement, both Google and Amazon decided to provide support for others device and the service will be available soon in the coming months. However, there is no exact date is not announced.

As the first step, Google will bring their YouTube application back to the Fire TV, we all know, the YouTube app was there previously which was later withdrawn by Google. It is also stated that the YouTube TV and YouTube Kids app also will be available in the later time.

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On the other hand, The Prime Video support for the Chromecast will be made available very soon. However, there is no comment yet regarding the music streaming service such as Prime Music and YouTube music. But, it will definitely add their support soon as there is no conflict between the companies as per the mutual agreement.

The YouTube app will be available on the Fire TV, Fire TV stick and the Prime Videos will be available on Chromecast 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation devices.

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