Recently many people noticed that the Unique Identity Authority’s (Aadhaar) number appearing in the contact list which they didn’t saved. The number is appearing in most of the android mobiles automatically. Even after initial setup of formatting the handset the number is appearing in the list. The number listed was 1800-300-1947 and saved under the name UIDAI. Many people shared the details in the social media after Aadhaar critic Elliot Anderson pointed the issue.

Soon after that, UIDAI came with the clarification that the number coming in the phone was not the original number and it was the old number and also it is not functional now. UIDAI also made it clear that the current active number is 1947. When these statement comes out people began to ask each other about the issue and in social media many people came with the same issue.

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Finally Google came with the explanation and they admit that the Aadhaar Helpline number coming wrong in the mobile phones is by there software bug which was due to some coding issue from there end. The company also in the statement saying that, there may be a chance that the number may appear in the iPhone too since for those people who sync contact with google contacts.

Since the official clarification came from the google, now the thing become more clear. Since there are so many security concern related news coming regarding the Aadhaar, people where thinking that, its because of the mobile number linking issue with Aadhaar and leakage. But now its clear that its not because of that.

Recently some people where tweeting that in the latest handset, the UIDAI number appears to be correct too.

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