What is the Password to Open Aadhaar Card Card Downloaded as E-Aadhaar?

Aadhaar card is now the main ID used in India for almost all the financial and non-financial activities. For everything now, Aadhaar is becoming mandatory too. Since the government implemented this, many people are going to Aadhaar enrollment centres to update their details and for the correction of wrong details, etc.

In the previous article, we already checked on the question, how we can update the details on the Aadhaar card. Now we will check how we can download the E-Aadhaar card and how we can open it.

Even if you have a printed copy of Aadhaar card or you don’t have, you can download the PDF format of your Aadhaar card called E-Aadhaar from the UIDAI’s official website.

If you updated your details on the Aadhaar card and you did not receive the updated new card, whenever you get an SMS on your registered mobile saying about the completion of the updates, you can go to the e-aadhaar section on the website to download the PDF format of the Aadhaar card.

Go to https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/ and then provide your Aadhaar number and soon you will get an OTP on your mobile phone.

Then input that OTP to the box on the same website, you will get access to download your Aadhaar card. Click and download it on your PC/Laptop/Mobile Device. Since its a PDF file, you can open it using your PDF reader like Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, etc.

Alternatively, you can download the pdf version of Aadhaar card from the mobile itself using the UIDAI’s official Aadhaar app. You can download the application on your mobile and download the E-Aadhaar card with a few clicks.

While opening the PDF, it will ask you a password to input which you cannot find from the file or it is not given on your mobile, etc. Don’t worry, it’s simple, it is set in that way to make the Aadhaar details secure so that if that PDF reach any person you don’t know, they cannot open it directly unless they know your name and date of birth.

How to find the Password to Open Aadhar?


So now, it’s clear right, the password is your name and year of birth. A new E-Aadhaar PDF password is an 8 character with a combination of your name (CAPITAL) and year of birth

Eg 1: If your name is SURESH KUMAR and your year of birth is 1990, then your password is SURE1990

Eg 2: If your name is RAJ MOHAN and your year of birth is 1987, then your password is RAJM1987

Eg 3: If your name is J. THOMAS and your year of birth is 1980, then your password is J.TH1980

Eg 4: If your name is TOM and your year of birth is 1995, then your password is TOM1995

Note: Here, in the 4th example you may notice that the name mentioned is 3 character only. In that case, the password will be 7 characters only 3 from name and 4 from year.

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    • the password will be 4 characters from your name ie ‘VAVI’ and last 4 characters is your year of birth.

      If your year of birth is 1990 then password is ‘VAVI1990’
      if birth year is 1986 then password is ‘VAVI1986’


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