Best 5 Tech Devices that Help to Maintain Better Health

Famous American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted ‘Health is Wealth,’ and we can’t argue the validity of this statement. All the riches in the world will seem vain and futile when one is not in a condition to enjoy them. Irrespective of how luxurious your lifestyle is, you will not lead a happy life if you are not healthy. Your health impacts every aspect of your life, either directly or indirectly.

Your physical and mental impact largely determine the path of your life. Being fit and active will impact your productivity and creativity. Over the years, we have made astonishing and unpredictable bounds in technology and medicine. We have discovered the cure for several life-threatening diseases or illnesses, identified new treatment methods, and uncovered quick and efficient diagnoses.

Thanks to some latest advancements, we have combined technology and medicine to design and develop innovative gadgets to monitor our health. They help us track essential body functions and allow us to track any deviation from the norm. Now, you can check more than your temperature by reviewing your heartbeat, blood pressure, and more from anywhere in just a few minutes.

This article will highlight five smart tech devices essential to track your health. But before that, let’s start by discussing the top threats to your health in the current times and identify the factors that can impact your well-being and even cause your death.

Five Tech Devices that Help you Monitor Your Health

Now that we have established the top health concerns in the current world, it’s time to discuss some gadgets to help monitor our health. These medical alert systems will help track vital body functions and encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Fitbit is a digital watch and tracker that helps track your vitals, like the heartbeat, daily step count, sleep quality, and even your menstrual cycle. It comes in two different variants, a tracker and a smartwatch. You can choose your preferred alternative based on your lifestyle and workout regime.

You can wear your Fitbit while working out, swimming, cycling, and doing activities. The activity tracker will identify your step count for the day and calories, motivating you to continue your fitness journey. In addition, the sleep tracker and heart rate trackers help you monitor your stress levels.

Oura Ring

Oura ring is a sleep tracker designed like a ring worn on your index, middle, or ring finger. The lightweight and sleek design is comfortable to wear and takes around 60-80 minutes to charge, lasting over seven days. The ring connects to your smartphone, sharing information about your sleep cycle and quality.

In addition to its primary function, the Oura ring measures your heartbeat, heart rate variability, and body temperature. Using the Oura ring, you will not have to worry about your data privacy as the company follows the de-identification and anonymization policy.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitors are another vital tech-based health tracker device helping you monitor your heart’s functioning. It is essential for people with existing cardiovascular diseases and anyone on the radar for these deadly health conditions. In addition, individuals with high-stress levels can also use these to monitor their heart health.

The wireless blood pressure monitors are easy to use and share all relevant data with you through your smartphone. You can store this data or transfer it to your doctor. Check your blood pressure daily and take two to three readings using the wireless blood pressure monitor.

ECG Monitors

Like the above device, ECG monitors are another essential digital gadget that helps you monitor your heart. ECG or EKG monitors will track your heart’s rhythm. This device is vital for people with heart diseases and allows them to avoid lengthy and time-consuming ECG tests and monitor their heart’s functioning anywhere.

People can use the EKG monitor to track their heart rhythm during exercise and related activities. The compact and sleek design of ECG monitors makes them ideal for travel. Opt for a medical-grade ECG monitor if you suffer from cardiovascular diseases to accurately record your heart rate and rhythm.

Stress Relief Bands

Stress relief bands are another vital gadget that helps us keep track of our physical and mental well-being and lead healthy life. Unfortunately, stress is a constant in our ever-evolving digital world, and we need an effective remedy to combat the stress from our studies, jobs, and relationships.

Stress relief bands go on your wrists or ankles and help you relieve anxiety and pressure with a soothing massage. The band will identify the critical points in your body and deliver a calming motion to ease your stress levels. In addition, this scientifically-designed band will elevate your mood by relaxing your nervous system.


We hope this article introduced you to five smart gadgets that will help you track your physical and mental health. These devices will help you identify your body signals and prevent critical illnesses. The above-mentioned medical alert systems allow us to lead a healthy lifestyle and track our fitness goals, achieving mental and physical wellness.

By incorporating these devices into your life, you become enabled to track your regular patterns and detect any deviation from the norms. It facilitates you to be aware of critical diseases and illnesses at their early stages. Adopt all the five digital gadgets recommended in this article into your lifestyle and embark on your wellness journey.

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