Dieting and being healthy has become extremely hard, especially when you’re a foodie. We are constantly bombarded by social media posts and ads promoting high-calorie refined food. This makes it hard to stick to our diet plan.

But fortunately, to make it easy for us to diet, we have also seen a rise in tech, wearables, and fitness apps that encourage us to exercise more and stay healthy. So, to help you on your journey, I made a list of the best technology to track your health on the go…

Fasting Apps

The most significant dieting trend right now is fasting. It’s because so many studies and testimonials show that this way of restricting your eating works so well in reducing your weight and improving longevity and other health aspects.

However, implementing this way of eating is better said than done. For starters, there are so many intermittent fasting strategies you can use. And on top of that, you must ensure you eat the required calories for the day in the period you choose. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget this when going through your daily routine, especially on a work day.

Several innovative entrepreneurs have created intermittent fasting apps to simplify this and ensure you get the required amount of food within the period. You can simply set your goals, choose the fasting strategy you want to use, and add in your metrics such as weight, age, and gender, and the apps will formulate a plan and ensure you stick to them. They even provide metrics to help you keep track of your progress.

Calorie counters

Ask any top fitness instructors or dieticians, and they will tell you that calorie counting is the best method for losing weight. If you simply eat fewer calories than you expend, you will lose more weight.

But calorie counting can be an extreme amount of work if you do it through notebooks and spreadsheets and have to manually calculate and look up how many calories each meal contains.

This is why the best alternative is a calorie counter. These apps have a massive library of different foods. You simply have to choose the food and add the weight you consumed; the tool will tell you how many calories it contains and add it to your daily amount. You can also scan QR codes of any packaged foods you consume, and it will automatically find the calories.

If you add other details such as your weight, height, body fat, and age, these apps will suggest how many calories you need to consume and subtract the amount every time you add the food.

These apps can also help you bulk up and maintain weight. You simply have to choose your goals.


Fitness wearables have become extremely popular these days. You see them everywhere. They come in the form of watches, rings, and even sophisticated tools you wear around your abdomen. These items track your heart rate, pulse, and body movements to calculate the number of calories you burn accurately. They are usually accompanied by an app that displays all your data. These even store your data in the cloud so you can compare your activity over a long time.

One of the best things about the apps is that they also track your sleep.

The rise in social media has led to conditions like insomnia and sleep apnea as people opt to stay up late and browse social media instead of going to bed early. So, these apps encourage you to go to bed early and provide sleep metrics so you can use them to get sufficient shut-eye.

Exercising apps

Another app type that has been gaining popularity is the exercising app. They help you fit in at home without needing to go to the gym. Some even offer exercises you can do at the gym. Again, on these apps, you simply put in details like your age and weight, and they suggest exercises you can take advantage of to lose weight immediately. Some wearables also have activities built into the apps.


These are some of the top techs you can use to improve your health on the go. This area is improving, as people are constantly innovating new apps that make weight loss and following a healthy routine much more accessible. Keep your eyes posted on the latest ones as they will further simplify dieting and weight loss.

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