Wartales is a medieval role-play game, or RPG, with some turn-based combat and intriguing gameplay mechanics in the enormous open world. Role-play games are a genre where the player controls character actions or even several party member characters while immersed in a fantastical world. This genre of games became popular in the 90s and remains a top genre to this day.

Players will need to command a party of mercenaries for bounties and treasures while uncovering twisting mysteries and lore.

Wartales builds and gameplay specifics might initially seem intimidating for beginners, but traveling the five provinces in this game will be a lot easier with these helpful tips.

Use The Roads

A simple tip is to follow the roads instead of venturing through dense nature or deep snowfall. Even though there are some quests to complete off the roads, it’s typically easier to use the roads instead as a faster way of moving.

Sticking to the roads as much as possible will ensure your party moves quickly and, in turn, leave more time to explore than needing to rest and recoup.

If you travel off-road, you might find some tasks and treasures, although your party will move a lot slower, encounter more dangers, and need to rest more frequently. So it’s best to decide to travel off-road only when you have built more confidence in the game.

Inspect Each Location

At various points along the map, you will find a dissected view of the interior of a building and NPCs that players can interact with. In addition to this, you’ll also find some mini treasures and other valuable items in these dissected buildings.

Some complex chests and trunks will require the skills of a lockpick, while others can be easily opened and emptied.

Avoid Over-Recruiting

You will find many NPCs that will be keen to sign up and join your starting party. However, even though there are no limits on the number of companion players you can have, recruiting too many players early on can lead to problems in the long run. More specifically, managing high expenses in Krowns and Food early on will be challenging.

Use Pitons

Pitons are small tools that you can craft at the workshop. These tools will require rope to operate. However, you can place the Pitons on cliff edges and even steep hills to help the party descend safely. As a result, pitons can reduce long distances and make it possible to travel over inaccessible terrain.

Assign Professions

Companions in the party should all have attended fighting classes. But in addition to this, it’s also essential for each party member to have a secondary assigned profession that they can master. After all, Wartales is a role-playing game, so in-game skills are crucial.

Alchemists craft potions, while blacksmiths can forge weapons. Other professions to assign are cook, miner, thief, scholar, doctor, and woodcutter. Choose professionals that will strengthen the party and make survival more possible.

If you encounter conflicts within the party when assigning professions, consider assigning relevant professions to player interests or let players choose their additional skills.

Use Camp Equipment

The party will eventually grow fatigued, and everyone will need to camp out and recoup. Therefore, it’s wise to use camp equipment. During this time, the party will also need to receive their salary and be fed, while inner-party conflicts can also be dealt with.

Learn Recipes

If you haven’t assigned a professional cook for the party, learning some recipes is worthwhile. You can find recipes to read at markets and taverns, and they will cost knowledge points for each unique recipe.

It’s also wise to capture animals for food and to be tamed. Moreover, capturing prisoners is also a smart move for the party.

One of the easiest ways to make substantial sums of the game’s currency, Krowns, is to trade prisoners. While you can also trade animals and food, human prisoners have a larger value. You will need chains to capture prisoners, and you can trade them in jails for some extra money in the game. On average, prisoners are worth about sixty Krowns, which will be useful as you start the game.

Strategize Carefully

Of course, Wartales is a strategy RPG game, so you must invest time in planning and strategizing for your party to succeed. Consider the game more like a chess match than an adventure game. With this, every move you make must be significant in your plan before you decide to execute it.

Wartales is available on console and PC. With this, you’ll want to invest in a gaming mouse and the right headset to game on a PC for the best experience.

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