TSM Joins Forces with Entity Gaming for Indian PUBG Mobile Team

There is no doubt about the popularity of mobile gaming in India. This is unsurprising given that there are over 300 million smartphone users in the country. It’s estimated that more than 30 million people play PUBG Mobile alone.

Of course, PUBG Mobile developers Tencent are not the only developers benefiting from the Indian mobile gaming boom. Developers like NetEnt also attract players with popular jackpot slot games and card games like blackjack. It’s PUBG Mobile that is big news right now though. Team SoloMid (TSM), a professional esports organisation in the US, has joined forces with the Indian organisation Entity Gaming. This has led to the formation of the TSM Entity team which will take part in PUBG tournaments.

Unconventional announcement

The announcement of the collaboration was unconventional. PUBG Mobile announced the groups for the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020 and Entity Gaming was announced as a squad. The logos of TSM and Entity could both be seen next to the team name. This was the first time the collaboration came to light. The exact nature of the partnership is still unclear but it’s still exciting news in the world of mobile gaming.

Knowing more about Team SoloMid (TSM)

Many Indian mobile gamers will be more familiar with Entity Gaming than with TSM. The US outfit was founded in 2009, by Andy “Reginald” Dinh. Currently, it fields players in several different leagues including League of Legends, Hearthstone and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege as well as PUBG Mobile.

TSM is now making its way into the massive Indian mobile gaming industry with its collaboration with Entity Gaming. For its part, the Indian gaming organisation can only benefit from the collaboration as it furthers its aim, to be a world class competitive esports organisation.

How the combination will work

It’s expected that TSM will rely on Entity Gaming to manage the team during gaming tournaments in India. TSM will then put its expertise to use during tournaments in Europe and North America. It seems to be a good recipe for success for all involved. Both Entity Gaming and TSM see the new joint venture as a means of growing across India and globally.

This is good news for the PUBG Mobile scene in India where the game is now massive news. The popularity of esports in India has already seen major name Fnatic joining the fray. Now, TSM are taking the same step.

The fact is that esports is a world based on technology. This means that it’s easy for major players to spread their reach across the globe. In India, this is helped by the growing appetite for mobile gaming, in a country where millions of people have access to smartphones and where many of them use their devices to play games like PUBG Mobile. In an environment where big names like TSM are making efforts to grab their share of the market, it seems like the future for PUBG Mobile, and all mobile gaming, in India is bright.

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