If you’re a classic game fan, you’ll have a soft corner for retro games. Although there’s a fast-paced emergence of mobile games in the world, old-school games still hold a special place in our hearts, and there’s no denying that.

With your iPhone, it’s possible to re-explore the fun in these games, like different versions of “Pokemon” and “Super Mario 64.” To play those games once again, here’s a comprehensive list of the top iOS emulators that will surely make you re-enjoy those days of nostalgia again

Top iPhone Retro Game Emulators In 2022

Before you jump into the list of retro game consoles that can be downloaded from the app store on your iOS device, check a few stats and details.

  • As per the make use of report, emulators enable you to enjoy the fun and thrill of old nostalgic games that you once played on your traditional
    • With nominal pay, you can enjoy playing the retro games on your Apple device via computer.
    • Once you get the emulator, you can start enjoying retro games as you did in the classic old days.
    • However, you’ll need the game’s ROM version before that. Also, ensure the selected emulator is compatible with your desired retro game.
    • Despite legal emulators, some ROMs consider their piracy. So, it’s best to keep a backup of the games you played.

    Now, here is your list of the five best retro game emulators:

    1. Nintendo DS Emulator

    Nintendo DS is one of the most popular emulators for retro game lovers. This fantastic emulator is the powerhouse of multiple games from classic to the latest, like the “Mario” and “Legend of Zelda” franchise.

    It comes up with advanced features like multiplayer options, cloud syncing, and more that would significantly boost your gaming experience. Whether you download games with the app store on iPhone or iPad, this emulator will be a good pick for you as its user-friendly interface ensures convenient controls.

    2. Happy Chick

    By now, a Happychick emulator must have been a part of your iOS gaming. It is an excellent retro console emulator that helps you relive the nostalgia again, especially for popular gaming franchises like “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto.”

    The best part about this iOS emulator is its comprehensive support for multiple consoles, including Gameboy, PSP, and other gadgets. With Happychick, you can download your favorite gaming applications and play them anytime, anywhere, as it won’t restrict you with strict Wifi access.

    3. Provenance

    Provenance is yet another best iOS smartphone emulator up to date. No matter the type of game, this emulator is an excellent software for the ultimate retro gaming experience. Moreover, this emulator also offers online gaming and customization options inside the mobile app.

    4. Gameboy Advance

    Are you an enthusiastic fan of “Pokemon,” “WWE,” or any other retro game? If so, this Gameboy emulator would be an ideal multiplayer emulator pick for you.

    It enables you to map the operations and controls per your preference freely. It’s recommended for those using the iOS 9 or an older version.
    Final Words

    So, if you’re a hardcore retro gamer, it’s time to use one of these emulators and get the best gaming experience. You will have to review your emulator options if you plan to use an iOS alternative app store, like Android’s PlayStore.

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