With the recent ban on most of the Chinese Apps, also PUBG, that constitutes the majority of the online user base. Now that people have no option, they can surely choose the alternative such as Call of Duty. This year Call of Duty has a whole new version for its followers.

The new one has got its inspiration from the 2007’s game. Certainly, the one which will stand the real test of time. It is not an easy task of thinking over how the new version will operate.

But, that came as a surprise when the publisher Activision Ward stated that 2019’s Call of Duty game would be known as Modern Warfare and was recognized as one of the best Call of Duty games ever.


Now the point is will the 2019’s installment will give the same vibe. Let us delve into the question in detail.

A Modern Roller Coaster Ride

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a delight as you can find why Activision and Infinity Ward have come up with this name. It takes a lot of innovative inspiration from the original series of 2007. That was the time when the game took its inception and the franchise away from WWII into modern age warfare.

It finally opened up ways for different possibilities altogether. The modern approach applied to its single-player campaign that is quick and short. This is by far the best COD single-player gaming approach for several years.

Similar to the original Modern Warfare, it tends to mix up its gameplay with a new pair of sequences in which the conventional shooting has no role to play. It’s more in favor of a range of activities like firing rockets from the helicopter, carrying bridge blocks, and whatnot. It depicts a scene of enabling stealth movement in a hostile area, keeping the embassy alive, tapping in the security areas.

Is It Controversial?

Well, there seem to have a lot of shooting sequences like running the gamut from the full scale assaulting the close in house-clearances via mopping up just after the terrorist attack in Piccadilly Circus. The story weaves around the fictional country of Urzikstan, as occupied by the Russian regime headed by the brutal General Barkov.


Urzikstan which hosts the imaginary terrorist organization Al Qatala, but Modern Warfare’s story emphasized the story of Farah Karim. He was known to be the head of Urzikstan’s Native resistance movement. The story was assisted by several characters played by the character in the Modern Warfare Style that hails from the CIA and SAS.

The storyline of Modern Warfare has attracted a few controversies and you can know from the reason why. It tends to aim a picture of the human cost of the country under occupation, and at times aimed towards the US-propaganda territory.

Also, it has garnered attention for showing control over Farah as a child. She tried to kill two Russian soldiers along with the interrogation in which the user can choose to shoot the child with a gun loaded. Such scenes will naturally ignite the outrage. Also, you can see how they are curated for invoking the horror of enforced conflict and occupation.

Fast-Paced Action And Delivery

Far Away from the controversy, the single-player campaign of Modern Warfare is a great game to play with. The cinematic appearance has a lot of value associated with it. It is slightly more forgiving than the usual norm of Call of Duty game campaigns. This will encourage the players to bump up the difficulty level and play with several thoughts. Modern Warfare has a new tinge of Realism which is done with the HUD and makes it a multiplayer game.

Technically speaking Modern Warfare is quite impressive. It is no doubt a visual delight that has ever been made in the gaming arena. That responsive weaponry we expect from the Call of Duty games is very much similar to this version as well.


Beyond the storyline, it is more about the multiplayer domain which has attracted most of the users. The inclusion of four co-operative special ops missions clearly reuses different levels of the main storyline.

The Spec Ops Missions constitutes a lot of commitment. They are elaborate and challenging in various multi-stage affairs. One loophole of the same is that at times you need to find yourself in the hands of the others. For example, traveling in a helicopter that has to fly competently without communication mismatch.

Focus on Multiplayer

The major advantage of the Call of Duty game resides on the fact that it has opened up doors for the multiplayer modes. Modern Warfare’s multiplayer side is full of fun and exhaustive in nature. Here, it has taken cues to form the original Modern Warfare like making use of killstreaks.

Classic modes such as Search, Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Domination, etc. The essential of the Ground War is made to incorporate the 100 players for capturing and holding the objectives. Out and out this is something game lovers were searching for. The Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s new version is to explore new innovative techniques and visual organizations.

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