The Twitch platform was created in 2011 by the authors of another portal, There, users could broadcast, but they were not aimed at the video game field. To popularize and ungroup video games by direction, a news portal, Twitch, appeared, where you could create channels and stream popular games, like Drift Hunters MAX, design your streams and choose a discipline.

When you get to the Twitch website, you automatically see the most popular streams at the current time and the top video games on Twitch. Due to this, people gained popularity.

Twitch is now the main platform for eSports streaming. Many similar services could not withstand the competition. Nowadays – quite a lot of people devote time to streamers. These are people who are ready to broadcast live. On it, they can play games or talk with their subscribers.

It is game streams that are popular. And quite often, some incredible moments can happen on them that need to be captured. These can be cool game decisions or just funny situations. And the usual “clip”, which is made from the very twitch – you need to look for a long time, because it is not one of a kind, and is lost against the background of others. That is why many different services provide the ability to download clips.

How to Download Twitch Videos Using FastFrom


The recommended option is the FASTFROM service, whose official website is located at But why is this particular option recommended? All because of the number of advantages that it has.

Advantages of the FASTFROM Service

It is free. You don’t have to pay any money for using their service. Everything is free, without any trick or trickery.

The tools thanks to which you will download the video – download it in a standard format. This is not the most noticeable advantage, but it means quite a lot. After all, there are services where, when downloading, the video changes to a different format. It is not very convenient in the case of editing, as you can convert the video into an unsuitable format.

And to use the downloaded video, you will have to use another program that changes the video format. As a result, you will spend a lot of time that you could usefully, or in some other way. But the FASTFROM service downloads videos in a standard format, which is why you immediately save a lot of your free time and nerves.

No registration is required. You don’t even need to register on their official website to use the services of the service. Instead, you need to paste the link to the video and then wait for it to download. The most simple actions save time nerves and simplify further video editing.

There is an opportunity to download clips not only from the “Twitch” platform. This service also supports many other platforms, which you can familiarize yourself with by going to their official website.

You will also find more detailed information about the service, its advantages, and its capabilities. Also, there is feedback, thanks to which you will receive an answer to all your questions. And the presence of the FAQ – allows you to find out interesting information without asking questions.

How to use FASTFROM?

Everything is very simple! To use twitch clip downloader you need:

  • Find your favorite video on twitch
  • Open the service
  • Paste the link into the appropriate field and click the “download” button
  • Choose the quality that suits you and click the “download” button
  • The video will be downloaded to your device!


In the end, we get a free service that doesn’t even have ads. The use of the services is free, and for this, you don’t even need to register. Everything was done as much as possible for the user who just wanted to download the clip – this is what this service is suitable for!

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