Those playing games on their PC know what Nvidia GeForce Now is. However, for those unfamiliar with that, let’s give a brief information about that. Nvidia GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform that offers gamers to play high-end games on any PC regardless of the hardware specification.

While playing games with GeForce now, gamers used to face an issue by which the app shows a message “Wrapping Up Your Previous Session,” and they cannot open or play any games. In this article, we will see why the Wrapping Up Your Previous Session error happens and how to fix the session wrapping issue in GeForce Now.

Nvidia GeForce Now Cloud Gaming

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service by Nvidia in which users can play high-end games on any PC, Mobile, or TV, irrespective of the hardware configuration. The main advantage of the cloud gaming service is that users dont have to install any games on the machine and dont need any high-end gaming PC.

The only requirement is a cloud gaming account, a decent internet connection, and a PC/Mobile. In the case of cloud gaming, the actual gaming PC is located somewhere else, and you are playing the game remotely.

What is Wrapping Up Your Previous Session in Nvidia GeForce Now?

The error or message showing ‘Wrapping Up Your Previous Session’ on Nvidia GeForce happens while trying to open and play the cloud game after unsuccessful session termination. In simple words, it can occur due to the following reasons.

You are playing the game in GeForce Now, and suddenly your internet connection gets disconnected, and you cannot connect back. In that case, you might close the GeForce app and opens it again. Once you start again, the previous session was already running within the GeForce cloud server, and a new session can’t be established without closing the previous one.

In another case, if you are playing the game and after a few times, you keep the game unattended and go for some other work. Due to the inactivity, GeForce will automatically sleep your gameplay. But once you try to play again, the previous session might not be properly ended, resulting in the same session wrapping issue.

How long will the GeForce Session wrapping message show?

Normally, the message is shown due to the pending unsuccessful session close; thus, the cloud server tries to wrap up and restore the previous session. Thereby enabling the player to start the new session and allowing play.

But unfortunately, in most cases, the wrap-up session message continues showing for hours and doesn’t let users play again, which is annoying. So we can try one hack, close the session forcefully, and use GeForce Now to play cloud gaming instantly.

How to Fix the GeForce Now Wrapping Up Your Previous Session Issue?

Rather than waiting longer to play again, we can forcefully clear the session and start playing the GeForce Now Cloud gaming instantly. To do so, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Use a VPN and connect to any other location where GeForce Now is currently available. You can connect to US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

Step 2: Open GeForce Now on your PC or mobile and try to open and play any game as usual. Now, since your location is changed, you will get connected with a new session and can play the game without any issues.

Step 3: Play any game for a short time while the VPN is connected. Then quite the same and close the GeForce Now app as usual.

Step 4: Once the game is ended correctly and the application is closed, you can disconnect the VPN.

Step 5: After disconnecting the VPN, try to open and play any game on the GeForce Now app. You will be directly taken to the gameplay this time without any wrap-up session messages.

Now you can play GeForce games from your location and the internet without any issue. Changing the location using VPN and starting a new session will automatically end the previous unsuccessful session. This allows you to begin new sessions without any problems and to wait.