Palworld is an open-world game where players gather resources to craft various items and structures. One important late-game resource is polymer, which is used to make high-tier equipment like guns, explosives and circuits. However, many players have encountered a frustrating bug where polymer simply doesn’t appear as a craftable item, hindering their progress. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to resolve this issue.

Check the Requirements for Crafting Polymer

Before troubleshooting, first make sure you meet all the prerequisites to craft polymer in Palworld:

  • Reach Technology Level 33 and unlock polymer using Technology Points. It will then show up under the “Production Assembly Line 1” crafting menu.
  • Acquire High-Quality Pal Oil, the sole resource needed to make polymer. You can get this oil by hunting certain Pals like Mammonrest, Digtoise, Dumud, Mossanda, Kingpaca, Wumpo and Blazamut. Alternatively, purchase the oil from Wandering Merchants for 300 Gold each.
  • Assign Pals with the Handiwork Work Suitability to craft polymer and other complex items.

Disassemble and Rebuild the Production Assembly Line

If you have met the requirements but polymer still isn’t showing up, the Production Assembly Line itself may be bugged. Many players found that disassembling this crafting station and rebuilding it from scratch resolved the problem. To do this, go to the Build Menu, select Disassembly Mode, and take apart the Production Assembly Line. Then reconstruct it and check if polymer is now available to craft.

Use the Correct Production Assembly Line

Palworld has multiple tiers of Production Assembly Lines. Make sure you are using the one that actually allows crafting polymer. Some players have reported that polymer wouldn’t show up in the basic assembly line but did appear in higher level ones.

Be Aware of Potential Bugs

If none of the above solutions work, you may be encountering a new bug that the developers still need to patch. One known issue is that items sometimes fail to appear in assembly line menus. As a workaround, try crafting at the base Production Assembly Line instead of ones you have constructed. Hopefully the Palworld developers will address these bugs in a future update to improve the player experience.

What are the common causes of Polymer not showing up in Palworld?

there are a few common causes for Polymer not showing up when trying to craft it in Palworld:

  1. You need to reach Technology Level 33 and spend 2 Technology Points to unlock Polymer in the skill tree before it will show up as a craftable item.
  2. Polymer can only be crafted at the Production Assembly Line, not a regular Workbench. You need to build this advanced crafting station first, which requires 100 Ingots, 50 Wood, 20 Nails and 10 Cement.
  3. As an early access game, Palworld has its share of bugs. The Production Assembly Line menu bugging out and not displaying Polymer is a known issue some players have encountered.
  4. To actually craft Polymer once it’s unlocked, you need 2 High-Quality Pal Oil. This resource is obtained by hunting certain creature Pals like Mammonrest, Digtoise, Dumud, etc. or purchasing from Wandering Merchants.
  5. There are multiple tiers of assembly lines in Palworld. Some players found Polymer wouldn’t show up in the basic one but did appear in higher level production facilities.
  6. Conclusion

    Not being able to craft polymer in Palworld is understandably frustrating, as it blocks progress to the most advanced equipment and structures in the game. However, by following this troubleshooting guide, you should be able to resolve the issue of polymer not showing up and get back to expanding your base.

    Remember to first confirm you have unlocked the polymer technology, gathered the required Pal oil, and assigned Pals with the right work skills. If polymer still doesn’t appear, try rebuilding the Production Assembly Line or using a different one. Be aware that menu bugs may also be the culprit, with the base assembly line as a temporary workaround. Hopefully this article provides the information you need to craft polymer successfully. Wishing you all the best in your Palworld adventures!

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