Can FAU-G be a PUBG Alternative In India?

The obsession with PUBG (Player Unknowns BattleGrounds) in India was going beyond boundaries. Not just teenagers but children, adults, even older age people were being seen playing the very addictive Chinese game PUBG. The game was so addicting that many teenagers would do illegal things just to get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” tag.

There were many cases of people stealing money from their parents to desperately buy the ‘Royale Pass’ for the game that allows users to enjoy premium membership to the game and have more features available to them than normal players.

After the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps from India which included the very popular app used by 80% of the Indian population ‘Tik Tok’, people were in shock and had nothing else to spend their time on. Moreover, the PUBG players who were happy with PUBG not being banned along with the other Chinese apps, the happiness did not stay for too long as after some weeks of the other apps being banned, PUBG has declared banned too.

To cope up with the boredom and addiction of the game, many alternatives were introduced but none of them could compare with the actual boss PUBG. Although PUBG was a Korean-based gaming app as the company was sold to some Chinese market, it was instantly banned. Indian gaming cooperatives introduced a very similar game to PUBG called the ‘FAU-G’.

The Indian game was launched on the special occasion of Republic Day on the 26th of January 2021. The game created chaos in the Indian gaming population as all of them were more than excited to try out the freshly launched game. We have gathered a ton of reviews from the players who tried it out and created a list of the differences between the PUBG and FAU-G.

Here is some major difference between the popular Chinese gaming app ‘PUBG’ and the newly launched Indian gaming app ‘FAU-G’:

Difference between PUBG and FAU-G

Modes (Combat or Battle)

The game is quite similar to PUBG but offers their players to use combat mode instead of PUBG who offers different battle modes. Players can choose a long battle with real-time players in PUBG whereas in FAU-G you can only fight combat wars. The game is also based on a true storyline whereas PUBG was totally fictional.


In FAU-G, a player can only mainly use some weapons that are provided to the player while in PUBG there was a vast variety of weapons and ammunition to the player. The game FAU-G does not offer any guns to their players due to an agreement signed between India and China. Players can only use axes, bats, etc. Another

Locations play a crucial role

As mentioned earlier that FAU-G is a true story based game, the locations provided to the users are of ‘Galwan Valley’, an unclear region situated somewhere between India and China. The Galwan Valley has some connections with the game FAU-G whereas PUBG had many features and locations to choose from like Pochinki, Military base, etc, which were all fictional and have no relation to today’s world.

Availability differences of PUBG and FAU-G

PUBG was available for iOS, Android, MacBook, Windows, and so many other types of devices whereas currently FAU-G is only available for Android users, and looks like iOS users will have to wait for everybody to know the availability of the game. It is expected that with the growing updates of the newly launched gaming app FAU-G it will soon be available on iOS as well as other devices and not just Android.


PUBG offered their players options like crouch, hide, jump, etc when spotted by enemies whereas FAU-G does not allow this at all. Everything happens on its own and you cannot command your character to kick or punch the opponent. There are neither any special moves provided nor any custom animations. Everything is automated.

Sound Quality

This can be counted as one of the major differences between the two games because, in PUBG, users could communicate and hear their friend’s commands and wishes and work as a team whereas FAU-G does not allow this at all.

FAU-G is a new game with freshly painted animations and we would always advise you to try it out at least once yourself and see if it attracts you or not! Unlike PUBG which was actually a South Korean-based gaming app and considering it foreign all the private information of the users would be shared with their headquarters, that’s not the case with FAU-G. The privacy policy of the Indian gaming app FAU-G states that all the private information of the users will be destroyed within the country and no one else is authorised to see it.

According to us, FAU-G is a new game in itself and is not just an alternative to PUBG. The game is only quite similar to the other one and has many new features to it. It also offers a combat mode with no weapons for the easiness of many new users. FAU-G is gaining a tremendous amount of audience within a very less time and it is amazing to see so many people are finding the game interesting and are already hooked to it

With the growing demand for the Indian gaming app, the makers are also focusing on making it available in other devices like iOS and the apple users are desperately waiting for it. The game offers a variety of features that one should definitely try out themselves.

While maintaining social distancing you need to play the game to calm your boredom! As the world is slowly starting to get back in place, let us try to get our weekends booked for the gaming sessions of FAU-G with our friends. If you really need a closer look at the app, we would definitely advise you to try it out yourself.

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