Over a few years, the trend of online games has increased. Probably because they provide a broader platform to play in. Online games also bring together many unknown players together to compete. This has hiked the interest of teens and gamers toward the Online Games. Well, till now many online games are released. Amongst them the one that has managed to gain immense popularity is PUBG. Tencent’s Online gaming platform “Player Unknown’s Battleground” popularly known as PUBG has exceptionally gained attention from the players all over the world. Released on 23rd March 2017 the online game provides a battle arena to the players from all around the world.

The Players jump from a plane and land on different locations available in the map that the game provides. These players compete with each other either individually, or in a squad of four or team of two. With the use of weapons like pans, guns, etc, the players fight to win the “Chicken Dinner” title. In addition to this, the game also supports clan formations, various maps, training mode and many more. With the voice chat feature, players can also communicate with each other.

Since, the time when the game was launched, many updates are released by the company. These updates include new weapons, clothes, maps, battle modes, and many other features. The game is available for both mobile and PC platforms.

So, today we will discuss the updates released by the company in the last 6 months.

PUBG Update Change Logs

PUBG 0.10.5 update

This update of the game was released with the introduction of season 5 in the game. In this update, the players got new features like MK47 Mutant gun which had two firing modes. The Burst mode with a burst of two bullets and the single bullet mode.

In addition to this, the players also got a laser sight attachment feature with the new update. Also, the map Vivendi was made available for the players while creating a custom room.

PUBG 0.11.0 update

Released on 19th February 2019 this update of PUBG was brought the “Zombie survival mode”. In this mode, the players have to survive a group of zombies attacking them. With the introduction of zombie mode, the game also got new weapons like a six-barrel machine gun, minigun, and a new flame thrower.

PUBG 0.12.0 update

This upgrade by the company introduced new weapons, new zombie mode and many other upgrades in the mobile version of the game. An amazing feature in this update was the “Darkest night mode”. Apart from this, the update also had new weapons exclusive for the zombie mode. These weapons included the RPG-7 gun. Also, the developers of this game had made changes in the flamethrower to kill the zombies faster.

In addition to this, the players also got the feature for the crosshairs in this update. With this update, the players can select from one of the nine different color options for no-scope. However, for the holographic sight, red dot, 3x and 2x scope the players can choose from red and green colors.

PUBG 0.12.5 update

With a size of 210 Mb, this update is rolled out with the Season 7 of the game. The update carried with it new weapons like Skorpion semi-automatic pistol that has 5 attachment slots. Along with new weapons the company has also improvised the gameplay experience. The update also has rare skins introduced in it.

In addition to this, the new Royal pass season “Season 7” is also available for the players. The players can now get new outfits, exclusive discounts, emotes, additional rewards and many more features.

Upcoming Update in PUBG mobile

PUBG 0.13.0 update

This update is already available in the beta mode. Recently, PUBG mobile has announced a partnership with the upcoming movie Godzilla 2: King of the monsters. This new update will be bringing new avatar frames and avatars. A new loading screen and a new gaming mode called the team deathmatch. With this feature, the teams will be able to respawn an unlimited number of times. Apart from this, the players might also be to find big giant footprints in the Map.

The 0.13.0 update can also introduce a new weapon called the “Bizon gun” to the players. This weapon is already introduced in the PC version of the game. The Vikendi map will now be finally out from its beta state. The map will also show footprints in the snow. Also, the players will have to face fewer bugs and glitches on the map.


New updates are brought regularly by the developers of the game and this is, in fact, a good thing. Players get new gaming experience every time a new update is being released. And always the players are excited with what new the next update will bring.

The developers of the game have always released such updates to give a great experience to the players. Surely, the company will bring more amazing updates for the game that will for sure increase the affection of players for this game.

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