Quick Overview of Mi MJSXJO2CM 360 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera

If you have a big concern regarding your home safety and need a great home security camera, then you should only go for Mi MJSXJO2CM 360 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera. With great features such as motion detection, infrared backed night vision and 360-degree rotation the MI WiFi Home security camera is one of the reliable and best security devices for your home. The MI Security camera has great picture quality. With 1080p resolution, 20 megapixels camera and broad dynamic range, all the distant backgrounds will be detailed and fully clear. The camera can easily detect motion and send alerts to your mobile. It can also record a 10-second video clip from the time sensors were started.

The camera control interface on the Mi Home app is really easy to understand. It depicts the live footage and also provides a D-pad to handle the current movement. The app allows you to control every feature of the camera so that you would not face any issues at all. You will be able to capture the scene, resizing the frame, recording of video and starting a voice call by using the talkback feature with others. I have personally tested the camera and found it to be sensitive and catching all the movements. The app will show if the movement detected is from a human body or an object.

Once your phone and camera are connected via the Mi Home app, then you would be able to handle it from anywhere without any issues. You should also note that there will be no option to use a cloud service as a backup source and micro-SD card only store up to 64GB. If you are searching for a cloud service backup, then you should look for any other home security camera.

There is also an audio call feature which works really great on the Mi WiFi Home Security Camera. If you are having pets at home, you can try calling them. The Mi Camera can easily fit on the wall or you can keep it on your table or wherever you want to be. You do not need a fancy setup to access the footage. It is easy to switch off the camera once you are back in your home for privacy. The Mi Camera can also record video in the dark with the help of Infrared Night vision. Your home and family members will be always safe and secure with the great features of Mi 360 WiFi Home Security Camera.

Installing the Mi Home Security Camera is really helpful to handle issues such as theft but it can be more helpful if you are using it wisely. You would be able to monitor your home remotely without any hassle. If you are on a tight budget and really do not want to spend more on technical things, then, Mi 360 WiFi security camera is one of the trustworthy home monitoring cameras you are going to get for sure.

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