How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Working Issue?

Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular and the favorite streaming device for most of the user. But those who use the fire tv know well how important the FireStick remote is. And imagine if the firestick remote not working anymore? How about it?

Since there is no physical button on the fire tv stick, we can’t do any single function with the streaming stick without the remote. So if your firestick remote is not working, we have few solutions here. However, you can try those troubleshooting methods to fix the firestick remote issues.

How Firestick Remote is Working?

Unlike the regular remote, the fire tv remote works in a different way. Normal remote uses direct IR signals to control the device, so that you need to keep the remote straight to the IR panel on the device like TV, Music Player, etc.

But in the case of FireTV, it is something different. It uses Bluetooth wireless technology to control the device. Because of this reason, you need to pair the firestick remote with your firetv initially. Once done, you can control the device from any direction within the Bluetooth range. No need to keep the remote straight to the firetv device or stick.

Ways to Fix Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working Issue

Following are the few quick fixes that can be done if your firetv remote is not working correctly. You may notice that the remote is stuck and the navigation is not working after the button click.

Check and Replace the Firestick Remote Batteries

The first step in troubleshooting with the firestick remote is to check the battery. Check the battery charge or replace it with a new battery and click the navigation button. If it is working, the issue was with the battery. As said above, the firestick remote uses Bluetooth wireless technology for communication. As a result, the battery will drain so quickly.

It is always recommended to use premium and high-quality batteries like Duracell on your firestick. If the remote is still not working, continue with the next steps.

Bring the Remote Close to the Device

Most users keep the fire tv stick behind the TV screen, which makes it hidden from the view. That is the advantage of the fire tv stick’s Bluetooth remote. You can control the device from any direction within the range.

However, the disadvantage is, since Bluetooth wireless coverage is limited, you need to keep the device and remote close enough. So if the firestick remote is not responding, try to keep them close and see whether it is working or not.

Try to avoid objects in Between

Even though the Bluetooth can work without any issue within the range, it can also reduce the signal’s power if there is so much object in between. Also, if you keep other electronic devices close to the firestick, It can interfere with the signals, reducing its power. So try to reduce the number of such devices close to firetv.

Unpair and Pair the Firestick Remote

It is also one common issue, and some firestick users are experiencing random disconnection. This is because the firestick remote gets randomly disconnected from the device, causing the no responding issue.

One way to tackle this is to manually unpair the firestick remote from your firetv and pair it again. The unpair and re-pairing of firestick can be done like the normal firestick pairing process.

Try controlling Fire Tv Stick using the FireTV App

This is one alternative way to install the FireTV app on your Android or IOS device and control most of the functions like in the fire tv remote. You can download the app from the play store or App store and control the device using the smartphone. Please note that both the firestick and the handset should be under the same WiFi network.

This option will work since it doesn’t have any connection with the remote. So this can be considered as a firestick remote alternative. But some may find it inconvenient, so that it can be used only as a temporary alternative. So, in the long run, we need a physical device rather than a virtual firestick remote.

Replace the FireStick Remote

If none of the above options works for you, the last option is to get a new Firestick remote. So please get a new replacement remote for your firestick and pair it with your fire tv sick.

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