How to Pair Firestick Remote with Your Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick is a fantastic product that helps us convert the standard TV to a smart TV. Fire TV got its popularity due to its quality and performance. Here we are looking at how we can pair firestick remote with the fire tv.

How to Pair Firestick Remote

Once you purchase a new FireTV device, the firestick remote is paired by default, and there is no need to do further configuration. Just Plug the device on and start using the same.

However, in some cases, the remote got damaged, and you got it replaced. So definitely, you need to pair the new remote with your firetv. In some rare cases also the firetv remote can cause a frequent disconnection. In that case, also, you need to pair the device again to use it properly.

Before starting, make sure that the battery used in the firestick remote having enough charge in it.

Step 1: Restart your Fire TV device (Fire TV Stick or Fire TV)

Step 2: Once the device starts, press and hold the home button on the remote for 5 seconds. Make sure to stand close to the device while doing this, as we can make sure that both firetv and the remote are in the same range.

Step 3: Now, the remote will start the pairing process, and you can see a small light start blinking on the top part of the remote. The light will start blinking slowly and then speed up once got paired.

Once the pairing is successful, you can see the menu screen on your TV screen.

Now, try clicking on the home button, and you can see that the firestick remote is paired successfully, and go ahead using the device.

Note: Since the Amazon fire tv stick comes in different models like 2nd gen, 3rd get, etc., there might be a slight change in the color pattern and the light flashing while pairing the device.

In all the cases, on successful pairing, the tv screen will start showing the menu screen, and hence you can assume that the pairing is successful.

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