How to Change the IP Address of TP-Link VIGI IP Camera

TP-Link VIGI PoE camera is an excellent home monitoring and security system option. The new camera lineup from TP-link includes a standard wall mount and a bullet IP camera. The great thing about the camera is that it can be powered either by direct connection or via Ethernet cable.

Since the device supports power over ethernet, the same ethernet cable can be used to power up the device, reducing the number of wires. Apart from the features of the TP-Link VIGI PoE Cameras, here we are going to check how we can change the IP address of the TP-Link ViGI Camera.

TP Link VIGI PoE Camera

Before going to check the steps to change the IP address of the TP-Link VIGI camera, we will quickly go through the TP-Link VIGI camera lineup.

TP-Link VIGI Cameras are PoE IP cameras that can be used indoors and outdoors. VIGI cameras are Ethernet-based camera that provides the internet and the power through the LAN Port and cable. It is also to be noted that the camera is not a WiFi camera. It would help if you connected it via LAN cable.

TP-Link VIGI camera lineup includes TP-Link VIGI C300HP 3MP camera with a 4mm and 6mm lens. TP-Link VIGI C400HP 3MP camera with 2.8mm and 4mm lens.

How to Change the IP address of TP-Link VIGI PoE Camera

While you set up the TP-Link ViGI camera, you can use the VIGI mobile app on Android or iPhone. However, you can’t do it via a mobile app to change the camera’s IP address at any other time. For changing the IP address of the TP-Link VIGI IP Camera, you need to use the VIGI Security manager on the Windows PC/Laptop.

Step 1: Download and Install the TP-Link VIGI Security manager on the windows PC/Laptop.

Step 2: After that, log in to the app using the TP-Link ID, the same ID you used while configuring the TP-Link VIGI Cameras. You can find the login button at the top right corner.


Step 3: After login in with the TP-Link Id, you can see all the live views of all the VIGI Camera associated with your TP-Link Id.


Step 4: Click on the Settings Tab to see the camera listed, from where you can change the camera settings.


Step 5: Click on the settings icon and the camera under the operation tab. You need to click on the icon associated with the camera which you wish to change the IP address.


Step 6: On the following windows, you will see the basic information of the camera, such as name, etc. Now, click on the Network Settings from the left items, then click on the Configuration.


Step 7: Within the network configuration section, you can see all the details like IP Mode, IP Address, etc. You can change the IP address per your preference from the local IP pool. Once done, click on the Save button.


Done, now you see that the IP address will automatically be changed to the new IP address, and you can access the TP-Link VIGI camera with the new IP address. You can restart the camera if the IP address is not changed automatically. Once rebooted, the new IP address will be assigned to your VIGi IP camera.

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