In India, the Aadhaar card is now the primary identification proof used, and it is now used in all the financial and non-financial needs in the country now. More and more services are asking Aadhaar Number to be linked with it now. As we can see that most majority of the people facing a serious issue regarding this, since most of the details in the Aadhaar are wrong in most of the people.

The Aadhaar Card was implemented a long time back and at the time of Mass enrollment, the majority of the details entered into the system went wrong and in most cases, each and every person have one or more details wrong in their Aadhaar. Some people have Name incorrect, some having Address Issue, some faces Photo Issue, if all these things are correct, then there will be an issue in the mobile number.

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Since Aadhaar is being used for all the services now, it is better to do the correction in your Aadhaar card at the earliest. Now there is a big rush in the Aadhaar enrollment centers because, at the time of linking the Aadhaar Card with Bank account and all, people are realizing that their Name, Address, and other details are wrong in Aadhhar and they have to correct it.

In this post, we will look into this matter and how can we change the details like address, phone number, and other details in Aadhaar Card. Also, what are the options available to do that, both online and offline? There are currently 3 ways to update the Aadhaar details

  1. Online Method
  2. By Post
  3. At Enrollment center

Now let see how we can update details in each method

Online Method

In this method, we can update the Aadhaar details from Home itself. Just go to the official website of UIDAI ( and click on the Address Update Request (Online) option under the Aadhaar Update section. There, you have to enter your Aadhaar Number, and then OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and after verification, you will get a window to provide your Address and the corresponding document copy for verification.

Finally submit it and after a few days your details will be updated in the system and New Card will be sent via post. It will take some time to receive the physical copy at home. This option only work in the case you have a correct mobile number registered with the Aadhaar.

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This option was one of the best options previously, but now the thing has been changed. Now, in the online method, you can only update the address whereas previously we are able to do correction for Name, Mobile, Email. Currently, any other updation such as Name, Email, Mobile, Photo can be done only at the Enrollment Center.

By Post

Another method for updating address is by post, you have to download the address update request form and fill the details. Then send the completed form with the supporting document to the UIDAI. Upon receiving the request, UIDAI will verify the documents and you will get update status via SMS.

Address for sending the Application
UIDAI, Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034 India

Here also, you will be getting an option to update the address only. All others should be done by the 3rd method only

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At Enrollment Center

Currently, this method is the best way to do the correction of your Aadhaar Card details. Visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrollment center and there you need to full an update form, then do the biometric verification. Then the supervisor will check the supporting documents and do the updates in the system. In most cases, you will be getting a new updated Aadhaar Card withing 2 or 3 weeks after the update.

At the Enrollment center, you can do all the type of updations including Name Change, Address Modification, Mobile and Email Update, Photo Update etc. For Name and Address Change, you have to take the supporting documents also with you at the time of Updation. There will be also a charge of Rs. 35/- for doing the changes at the Enrollment Center.

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