Amazon Freevee to Rebrand and Replace IMDB TV

IMDB TV will change its face by rebranding to Amazon Freevee from April 27 onwards. The free streaming service, available in the United States and the UK, will now be called the Amazon Freevee. The rebranding is intended to make the free streaming service a new look and compete with the other popular streaming services.

IMDB TV is a free streaming service from Amazon under the famous brand IMDB which contains an extensive collection of free movies. In addition, the ad-supported platform includes some of the best classic movies, which are available completely free. Initially, the free streaming service was started under IMDB Freedive, and it got rebranded to IMDB TV.

Currently, the streaming service got much more popular than the last time, and hence Amazon is looking to give a new look and maintain its presence with the free streaming service. Amazon Freevee continues providing its free content with advertisements. However, the premium content will still be available via Amazon Prime Videos only.

With the rebranding, the Amazon Freevee will be expanded to Germany too. However, the exact date is not yet announced. Currently, the service is available in the United States and the UK only. Hope Amazon will expand the same to more countries in the coming year.

With the rebranding, Amazon is also announced that the Amazon Freevee will release more original series and movies in the upcoming months apart from the existing collections.

What Makes Amazon Freevee Better?

  • Amazon Freevee is an entirely free streaming service that contains many contents.
  • Unlike other streaming services like Peacock TV, Amazon Freevee doesn’t have a free and paid content category, and all the contents listed are always accessible.
  • Amazon Freevee is a good streaming service for those who love classic movies.

What are the downside of Amzon Freevee?

  • Amazon Freeview contains non-skippable ads, which may be annoying for some users.
  • For those who wish to avoid ads, there is no subscription plan to avoid those ads, as it is an entirely free and ad-supported platform.
  • Since the contents are primarily classical movies, the video and audio quality might not be good for all the contents.
  • The service is currently available only in the US and UK and is planning to expand to Germany. However, those outside these countries require a good and stable VPN connection to watch the contents.

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