Peacock App Not Working Outside US and Getting Roaming Rules Error?

If you travel outside the US, you might have noticed the error on your Peacock TV app saying It looks like you don’t meet the US roaming rules. Yes, several Peacock TV users are reporting the same issue. However, the problem is not related to any plans you use.

Whether you are a Free Peacock user or a Premium user, the same error happens to all, and while opening the apps, you reach the window saying Something went wrong. The error can occur while on an active Peacock Premium subscription or even on the Peacock Premium free trial.

Why is Peacock Not Working Outside the US?

Many users ask why the peacock is not working perfectly on their devices. Peacock TV currently offers streaming services only to users in US States and US Territories. So, if you are from outside the US, you can’t use it. However, US users can use the service outside the country while traveling with the help of any stable VPN service.

So, with the help of a good VPN service, you can enjoy TV Shows and Movies from any part of the world using Peacock TV. Please remember to select the server location as the US on your VPN app to access your Peacock content. It is important as the wrong country selection also results in the peacock not working issue.

How to Fix the US Roaming Error on Peacock TV?

Yes, how do we bypass the peacock us roaming rules error? To fix these peacock streaming problems, enable your device’s flight mode and connect to the wifi network. Then, connect to the US server on your VPN app and enjoy the Peacock service without any issues.

You can also do the same by removing the SIM card rather than enabling the flight mode, but enabling Flight mode is more straightforward than removing the SIM card.

The issue happens due to the SIM card, and you can use the Peacock app on any SIM-less device like Tab, Android TV, Fire TV, etc., with VPN without any issue. By doing the basic troubleshoots, you may not see the “it looks like you don’t meet us roaming rules” issue.

Why Get Messages “It looks like you don’t meet the us roaming rules” even after using a VPN?

The error message “it looks like you don’t meet us roaming rules” is not due to any Plan you are subscribed to, Peacock, or the VPN service. The Peacock app on your device will look into the SIM card data, and if that detects the SIM data is from another country, it shows the error message saying you don’t meet the US roaming rules. If the SIM network is not in the US, the application will not work, and it shows the error even if you are using a VPN with a US server.

What is Peacock Something Went Wrong Issue?

Apart from the “you don’t meet the US roaming rules” issue, some users also face strange error messages on Peacock TV, such as Something Went Wrong. This issue may not appear all the time. However, on random occasions, it can happen. If you see the error, ensure your VPN service (accessing Peacock TV from outside the US) works fine, and check the internet speed. Also, make sure to clear the Peacock TV application cache too. It might fix the Something Went Wrong error on Peacock TV.

How to Watch Peacock TV For Free?

Peacock TV is a freemium service in the United States, and it has an extensive collection of movies, TV series, and kid shows. Even though it offers a paid subscription with more programs and shows, the free plan provides plenty of libraries without spending a single dollar. Just sign up for a free peacock TV account, and you can enjoy HD content. Please note that Peacock TV is available only for United States users.

Peacock TV Supporting Devices

Peacock TV’s device support range is extensive and available on all platforms. You can play it on the big screen on Android TV, Apple TV, COX, Fire TV, LG TV, Roku devices, Samsung TV, and Vizio. Also, it is available bundled with your Xfinity. The version of Peacock TV is available on PCs or laptops running Chrome OS, macOS, or even Windows PC. Mobile & Tablet supports include iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, Tablets, and Fire tablets. Finally, it is also available on Gaming Consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

How to Watch Peacock TV Outside the US?

As said before, Peacock TV is currently available only in the United States of America, and it won’t work if you access the service from outside the country. Whether you are a paid or free user makes no difference. The only way to access Peacock TV content outside the United States is through a VPN or DNS proxy.

Watch Peacock TV using a VPN from Outside the US

You can grab a good VPN service and watch all the Peacock TV content. Open your VPN app and connect to any US server, and you are ready to watch your favorite Peacock TV on your device. Since streaming requires good Internet access, you should always select a good VPN service. Although even a free VPN does the job, the connection speed of a free VPN can be very slow, and you may end up buffering.

You can use good premium VPN services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, etc. However, if you are not ready to pay for expensive plans, you could opt for cheap and high-speed VPN services like PureVPN, PandaVPN, etc.

Access Peacock TV Using DNS Proxy

Our recommended option is to access the content using a DNS proxy service. The established DNS proxy provider is Smart DNS Proxy, offering a much cheaper subscription than any VPN service. The most important factor is that it does not change your location using any VPN server but only assesses the contents using DNS settings. This option won’t reduce the internet connection speed as in the VPN. Smart DNS proxy is a dedicated service for streaming purposes.

Can I Use Control D DNS Service to Access Peacock Outside US

Control D is an excellent DNS service that works perfectly for Peacock TV. If you have a Control D account, you can activate the Peacock TV from the Control D account to watch Peacock TV without any issues.

Why is the Peacock TV App not available to download from the Play Store?

Due to the country restriction, the Peacock TV app is not available to the non-US Play Store, and If your Google Play Store account is from outside the US country, the Peacock TV app won’t be available to download. In this case, you can download the app from APK Mirror. If you download APK from any third-party app, download from a trusted source like APK Mirror.

Why is Peacock Content not Available on this Device?

It is essential to update the Peacock app when there is an update. Usually, peacock TV won’t work on older versions of the app. So, constantly update the app or download the new version of the peacock app whenever available. If you see the message peacock content not available on this device, ensure you have the latest application version on your phone or TV. The fact is that once the new version gets released, Peacock TV will stop supporting the older version of the app. Hence it is important to. Update the Peacock App if Peacock is not working for you.

Why are Peacock streaming problems on my broadband connection?

Always check the broadband connection speed to see if you are experiencing peacock streaming issues on your broadband and mobile internet plan. It is better to have a stable connection with a speed of not less than 8 Mbps to experience a seamless streaming experience on Peacock TV. In short, to avoid peacock streaming problems, you should have a high-speed internet connection on your device, whether a mobile or a streaming device like Android or Fire TV.

Why do I see Peacock Error Codes While Opening the Peacock App?

If you see peacock error codes while opening the app, check whether you are connected to a good VPN with a US location. Also, update the latest version of the Peacock App on your iPhone, Android, or iPad. In the past few months, many people have complained that the Peacock app is not working on their devices. So, the primary reason might be an outdated app that Peacock is not currently supporting.

Can I use Peacock TV on my iPad From Outside the US?

If you already have the Peacock TV app installed on your iPad, using a VPN, you can enjoy the Peacock TV services even from outside the US. If your iPad only has Wi-Fi, then no more action is needed. However, temporarily disable the SIM service so that the Peacock TV can be used for cellular variants.

Why can’t I download Peacock TV for my iPad and iPhone?

If your Apple ID is a US account, you can download and install the Peacock TV on your iPhone or iPad anywhere in the world. However, the app won’t be available to download for non-US countries. You must change the country associated with your Apple ID to the United States.

Does Peacock TV Require an Additional Subscription while Roaming?

There is no separate subscription for using the Peacock TV while roaming. Therefore, if you are a paid member of Peacock TV, you can watch all the content abroad. Likewise, you can watch all the free content outside if you are a free Peacock TV user.

Can I Use the Peacock App on Mobile Without a SIM

Sure, if you are using the Peacock TV App on a mobile that doesn’t have a SIM card installed, then you won’t face the US Roaming Rule error and can continue enjoying the programs on Peacock TV without any issues. However, ensure your device is connected to a US VPN if accessing from outside the United States.

Why is the Peacock app not working with high-speed Internet?

Is the Peacock app not working even at high-speed internet? As mentioned before, even if you have a high-speed internet connection, you may experience issues. If the Peacock app is not working, then most probably, you are using an older version of the Peacock app on your iPhone or Android. Peacock used to stop supporting the older version of the apps when a new version was released. So, update the Peacock app on your mobile and other devices.

Why is Peacock Not Working even after the Troubleshooting?

Even after making all the troubleshooting steps, if Peacock is not working on your mobile, then what we recommend is to visit the web version of the Peacock app on your laptop or desktop with a good internet connection and VPN (if needed) so that you won’t find any roaming rule issue on the PC and laptops. In most cases, we can say that by doing the troubleshooting tricks, you won’t have to ask why the peacock is not working again, hopefully.

Is Peacock Error Code 9 Related to the Roaming Rule Issue?

Since peacock users get multiple errors, peacock error code 9 is also confusing. The peacock error code 9 is related to internet data handling. Sometimes, the Peacock app fails to handle or use the internet data, so streaming is affected. In turn, the peacock user may see the error code 9. However, it is not related to the peacock us roaming rules issue.

12 thoughts on “Peacock App Not Working Outside US and Getting Roaming Rules Error?”

  1. This is weird. I have a T-Mobile SIM card and a T-Mobile phone. I’m outside the US and using a US VPN but it still gives me the same message when I try to stream, even my phone itself is still connected to T-Mobile network via the wifi-calling feature.

    I left the VPN on and turned on airplane mode and surprisingly it worked, but I’m surprised how this can be possible considering both my phone and SIM card are from T-Mobile. How can it wrongfully detect that my carrier is not in the US when it literally is?

    • Hi Louis, the issue is once you are outside the US, your active network service provider is the network provider of the visited country, not T-Mobile. Peacock TV considers the network provider of your visited country, not your home network (T-Mobile). That is making the issue. Here the only solution is to keep the mobile in airplane mode or to remove the SIM card, which will help, not to detect the current network provider.

  2. Doesn’t matter if you use a VPN or not. I’m having the same issue, only with Peacock. Tried using VPN connection in U.S. different cities, tried with and without WiFi still get the same message. Total BS.


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