Why Teenage Students are not Interested in Reading Books

Does your teenager like books or newspapers? Do they like reading stories over watching movies? Does your teen visit the library often?? If you answer any of these questions is a “NO,” you are on the right page.

Loss of reading habits among youth

Reading is the most fundamental habit any kid can learn- not only education, but reading is essential for the overall upbringing of your child. If you’re ever in need of assistance with your child’s assignments, a paper writer service might be beneficial.

Your child might have grown up reading comics and short stories, but as they reach their teenage age, there is ample distraction surrounding your kids, topping the list – digital gadgets. In addition, why spend hours and even days reading a book when there are shortened versions of the story available. You can easily find information on how to write a book report example out there with no need to read the full book.

Therefore, reading is no longer the only option to learn from the book. Teenagers neither have the patience nor the imagination to benefit and enjoy reading. The fading reading habit amongst teenagers is severely alarming that parents need to take the assistance of parental control software for digital parenting.

Benefits of reading for children

If your kids are one of the handfuls who stopped reading, then they are missing out on a brilliant opportunity.

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Reading has uncountable benefits. However, here are the five significant advantages your kids need to experience:

  1. Gain Knowledge
  2. Improve Memory
  3. Build analytical thinking
  4. Expand Vocabulary
  5. Improve Concentration

Reasons for lack of interest in reading

Sadly, book reading habit is declining among teens. Teens have stopped reading books as they used decades ago. Instead, stories like Harry Potter, Twilight, train the dragon, etc., converted to movies, have more followers than the actual novels.

Reading is a hobby that has no replacement. Technology has been the primary culprit for the loss of reading habits in today’s youngsters. Digital gadgets are responsible for distracting kids from their academics and reading habits.

No doubt, staying updated with technology is essential, but the addiction this generation has created is dangerous. Kid’s health and overall brain growth are at stake, thanks to the digital gadgets.

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How to encourage reading habits in kids?

Parents need to take the frontlines in the dying era of reading and encourage youngsters to cultivate the age-old habit again.

We can assure the force can never be a solution when it comes to reading. Reading can be enjoyed and experienced either by examples or by fun-filled elements.

So, here are some exciting ways you can regain your teen’s reading habits:

1. Read with your teens

Don’t make reading only a task for academics; reading can be fun and used for leisure. Get comfortable in your teens’ bed and start reading novels together. Let your kid make the choice of books and read aloud. Parents influence their imagination and add value to the stories wherever possible.

2. Library visits are a must

You’re mistaken if you thought cybercafes have brought down all libraries. They do exist, and they are in your vicinity. Google now!

Right from your kid’s childhood, help your kid inculcate the habit of visiting the nearest library to read and issue books. Eventually, as they grow into sharp teenagers, libraries will turn into an escape from the turmoil of teenage life. And eventually, reading will help your teens to become better individuals. A win-win situation, right?

3. Kids imitate parents

We all have grown looking up to someone in our life- maybe our parents or our favorite uncle from Texas. These individuals play the most critical role in our lives- our role models. Hence, parents are advised to set good examples for their kids. Remember, your kids will practice what you preach only if you practice what you preach!

4. Use technology-driven reading

Technology may have been the biggest distraction in your kid’s life; however, if you change your perspective, there are many benefits technology has showered. The best example is the e-reader. Your kid disapproves of books, no worries – switch to e-readers.

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And sooner or later, paperbacks may get completely surpassed by e-readers. So why not gift your child an e-reader instead of a gaming console on their next birthday?

5. Plenty of reading materials at home

The fact that kids grow up to become what they see is real. And to back this fact with evidence, you can visit a family who has embraced books in their daily routine. Some families cannot live without books and reading.

Surround your kids with great excitement and positive books. Once in a while, you can recommend some good reads and ask them to exchange the same knowledge with you.

Best Parental Control Software for your kid

Parents should try all different ways to help their kids implant the habit of reading. Yet, if smartphones and other digital gadgets are distracting your kids, it is high time to take stringent actions.

Technology exposure is acceptable only up to a certain level of addiction, after which you need to control your kids’ screen time. Parental control software is undoubtedly the best chance parents have to avoid excessive digital empowerment in kids’ lives. Cut down your kids’ smartphone addiction through progressive parental control apps like Bit Guardian Parental control app.

Parental controls open a wide door for exploring different shades of life instead of being captured in the 5-inch world of cell phones.

Embrace reading with the assistance of parental control software For Android!

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  1. What you said is all true. Thanks for the advice. My teen doesn’t read, either, so I have to read with her.

  2. Yes, this is very true. Most teenagers can’t stand books or don’t have the patience for it. These pieces of advice are practical, and it’s what every parent should try doing. Thank you for sharing.


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