It was on a sudden announcement, that Airtel Digital TV and Tata Sky Withdraw the Free Preview of Star Sports Channel for its users. Last month with the beginning of the IPL 2019 season, both DTH providers announced that, they are providing free preview of Star Sports channels to their users until May 19th. It was also a big offer for the cricket lovers too, since with this offer, they can enjoy the 2019 edition of IPL cricket without any payment.

But now, the things being changed and now the providers are saying that, the free preview was only a promotion and expired on March 30th. Those who wish to continue watching sporting action needs to pay the Retail Price of Star Sports Channel of Rs. 22.42.

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Airtel and Tata Sky Free Preview Offer

Earlier, when the IPL season has started, both Airtel and Tata Sky offered free preview of Star Sports 1 Channels for all its users free of cost. The offer was initially announced till may 19 until the IPL Final. The offer, provides their subscribers to enjoy channels like Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 Tamil, Star Sports 1 Kannada, Star Sports 1 Telugu, Star Sports Select 1 and Star Sports Select 1 HD without any payment.

The offer was a big relief for the viewers as the new TRAI rule are making trouble to them as they have to pay for each channel separately and in most cases, the users have to pay more than the old package price. Since both providers are giving those channels free, The free preview offer got wide attention since they are the only provider giving free access to cricket this IPL season.

D2H also offered their users with IPL pack in which user can choose any of the Star Sports channels at a rate of Rs. 19 per month. D2H users have to pay a total amount of Rs. 38 for two months of Start Sports pack together and this can enjoy the cricket till May 19.

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Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV Withdraw the Free Preview

It was still unknown the reason behind the withdrawal. Initially both providers announced that the free preview will be available until May 19th. But now the users got the message saying that the offer was a promotion and has expired on March 30th. Inorder to continue watching the channel, user needs to pay Rs. 22.42 per month.

It is now, D2H went ahead of any other providers regarding with their IPL pack, as the user only needs to pay Rs. 19 where as Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV users have to pay Rs. 22.42 per month.

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