5 Stunning Tools For Web Application Design

The web application market is a huge market, involving billions of dollars in it! If you want to jump in there, it’s not too late. Now is the time! But what if you don’t have any experience? What if you only have limited resources? Several years ago, it was impossible for you to build a web application if you did not have sufficient coding experience and resources.

Today, however, it is very possible! Yes, it is possible thanks to the presence of various web application design tools! Several developers have launched web application design tools. They make it easy for any application creator to make his work a reality. The good thing is, no experience is required to operate these tools. It only takes precision to follow each instruction, and of course, consistency!

Here are 5 web application design tools that we think are on the top of the list today:

1. Wondershare Mockitt


The terms wireframing and prototyping are nothing new for app developers and designers. The terms are actually a new challenge for them. Wireframing and prototyping are “two important elements” that must be met before a web application is launched. Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool for wireframing and prototyping activities. It was designed for creating wireframes and prototypes.

With this web-designing app, you can import images for adding branding, block content, add transitions, drag and drop images, frame your app prototype with your device case to simulate an interactive experience its users will receive, launch a black and white demo mode, and many more.

Unlike some similar applications, Wondershare is very iOS friendly. This means that if you want to develop an application for an iOS device, you will have no trouble.

And finally, 100 icons, 17 different screen transition effects, 9 gestures, magic moves, customized micro-animations, animation and screen integration, and collaboration features make this app one step ahead of its competitors. Collaboration features allow others to provide instant feedback on applications that are being developed. Imagine if you developed an application in collaboration with several representatives of your target audience. Of course, you will minimize errors significantly!

2. Canva


The leading app for beginner or amateur design, if you can call it that. Super dynamic and intuitive, it is one of those tools that, with a little bit, you can achieve a lot: from creatives for social media posts to infographics, banners for an event or whatever comes to mind.

Your creations with this tool will seem like they come from the hand of a professional. How does it work? It has countless default templates or templates. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your style and start “playing”. By touching its features a little, you will grab his hand very quickly.

There are even tons of tutorials on YouTube to help inspire you and make the most of these features. Yes, this app is very popular among YouTubers!

3. Notion


Notion is an easy-to-use, minimalist personal productivity app that lets you create your own workspace. With it you can organize all your daily activity and all the information you use, you can manage tasks, making lists or Kanban boards, etc. and all this easily and unified in a single space.

To understand how Notion works, think about all the applications or productivity tools that you have tried or use on a daily basis. The advantage of Notion is that it unites all the functionalities that you can imagine in a single tool.

Notion is a platform that allows you to carry out the following activities:

  • Notes and documents. A simple and beautiful writing experience, with more than 30 types of content to add.
  • Wikis. You can store all your knowledge so that you can find it easily through questions.
  • Projects and tasks. Kanban boards, tables and lists, to manage your projects or activities with a light and flexible system.

4. Sketch


The Sketch design program is a tool that will allow you to design from the logo of your app, the icons that you are going to use in it, to the complete interface of your application. It is a vector graphics editor, so you can resize your creations without losing quality. Its main advantage is that it is very easy to use. Which is ideal for developers like us to create clean and professional interfaces without having to learn to master other more complex design tools.

5. Pinterest


This is an online program that amateurs can use without difficulty. This program is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices. Why is it easy to use? First of all, Pinterest has a very user-friendly interface. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone to access. Not only an intuitive interface, but Pinterest is also supported by high security, team collaboration, and a variety of ready-to-use templates.

The best of the five above is probably a subjective decision. For us, Wondershare Mockitt is the best, because it combines ease of access, comprehensive aesthetic features, and also updates that continue to improve the program.

What is a Web Design Application?

It is a tool specially created for building website designs. Basically, it’s a prototype software. Such a tool is specially designed for building mobile applications.

What is UI / UX in Web Application Design?

First of all, UI is User Interface and UX is the User Experience. UI usually refers to the visual side of the web design that is designed while UX usually refers to the process of web design testing, research, and all the interactions in the design.

Hopefully, all the information mentioned above is really useful for you. If you are planning to design your own web application, you can choose one of these 5 applications. But again, if you want the most enjoyable design process, Wondershare Mockitt is the best choice. This application excels in prototyping so you can minimize errors that may occur after the application is launched and used.

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