According to Statista, U.S. adults spent 103 minutes each day watching video content on a mobile device or computer last year. As a result, both large and small businesses consider video marketing an effective way to enjoy the ton of traffic video streams have to offer. Here are four ways to improve your business with online videos.

1. Give your clients what they want


There’s no denying that the primary reason for using the internet is to consume videos on social media for many people. It tells us that online video production is here to stay, and the benefits for businesses are endless. The best way to keep on top of all these trends is to be part of it. Start by setting up a unique space in your office as a private studio. Then, fill it with essential production amenities for all your video shoot needs, including commercials.

If managing a large studio is another headache your business is not ready for, there are several rental houses to leverage that can save you all the stress. For example, if you’re in New York, a simple Google query for “photography studio rental in New York” can bring out several results. Most of them come with tech support and personnel, so you may not need to hit the market to onboard a talented photographer.

2. Real-time interaction and feedback

Streaming video content over an internet connection has increasingly grown in adoption as live channels like YouTube live, LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live continue to up their appeal. Live stream companies gave the world a new reason to communicate and work when the pandemic was at its deadliest peak, forcing companies and counties into lockdowns. A typical example is Zoom, and its numerous video-hosting offers for meetings and business communications.

As a business, producing live content can be a great way to interact with fans in real-time. Today, you can create a live stream event in New York City for your marketing team to interact with clients from other continents. That’s an excellent opportunity to solve one of the numerous problems global companies face: inclusion. Live chat features can help you connect with customers from all corners of the world.

The best part of using live stream services like Twitch for your business is the ease of use and reduced costs in subscription compared to building custom options. For example, you can create a seminar of the highest quality, inviting several keynote speakers for your clients without the need to rent a venue or enlist a production team.

3. Get a piece of the largest search engine world

Every social network has its perks. YouTube is in another league with different features to enjoy consistent levels of traffic. As of 2020, YouTube was the second largest search engine globally with its user base, search volume, and minutes spent on the social network. The YouTube platform sees 30 million users daily, with the average user spending close to an hour on the platform.

Many millennials treat YouTube as a go-to option when they need to learn something new for the first time. It includes your product. Why would you not want a piece of this as a business? YouTube has many implications for new products and services. Companies with a consistent video management culture can reach more of their target audience than companies without a YouTube account.

4. Tell a more compelling brand story


Online videos can be the best solution to tell a compelling story about your brand. Consumers accessing on-demand content from your channels are likely to trust you more than competitors who prioritize online video content. The best way for brands to tell their stories is to lobby for testimonials from clients. In today’s world, word-of-mouth marketing remains powerful for trust and credibility. If you’re a significant player in the online video world, you can leverage your status to generate many user testimonials that can help your company advance in its market.