Few Tips to Establishing a Better Work-life Balance

And in doing so, better balance your work-home life as well. For example, if your mail becomes more work and less home-related every time you go to your mailbox, it’s time to split the two up.


Sites like PhysicalAddress can do just that for you, and can also help legitimize your business with a physical address.

If you work solely from home, use one specific area to work that you deem your “office.” Don’t set up your laptop on the dining room table or bring your work phone into your bedroom. Have limits, then stick to them. If this is hard for you, consider making specific hours work-free, even if it’s just something as simple as from midnight to six.

Additionally, don’t use your office space for home-life things. Remind your family members that it’s a workspace for you, so if you’re in there, you’re working.

Find Time To Spend With Friends and Famlily

It is important to find time for some free unofficial activities. Out of that, spending time with your loved ones, including friends and family, will help you relax much better and thus improve your mental health conditions. Apart from that, finding time for exercise and other healthy activities is a good habit. A bunch of options available can be done even from your home or the office itself. Recently we can see a large number of people are looking for some online therapy subscription so that they can manage better health.

Break up your Day Purposely

If possible, you depend on meetings you already have scheduled; schedule a time in the middle of the day when you get up and move or get something real to eat. (Hint to everyone working countless hours at a startup with their heads down: this is commonly called a lunch hour).

Breaking up your workday can help you feel like an actual human again, even if it’s just talking a twenty-minute walk – but make it longer if you can.


Some ideas that aren’t work-related that you can do during this time include exercise, seeking solace in nature (which has proven to have a significant effect on stress, even in as few as ten minutes) meditating, cooking an easy dish, going for a drive, listening to a podcast while doing some home chores, or playing with your pets.

Ultimately, don’t burn yourself out. Remind yourself that you are more than just your work, even when it doesn’t always feel like it.

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