Shimeji Browser Extension To Have Fun While Browsing

Shimeji Browser Extension can be a name familiar to most of us. However, if you are not aware of that, we will let you know the Shimeji Browser Extension and how you can install and use it on your favorite browser.

What is Shimeji Browser Extension?

Shimeji Browser Extension is one of the popular browser extensions for google chrome and chrome os. However, Shimeji Extension is not a productive or essential tool for your browser. Instead, Shimeji is a fun-based browser extension which you can activate a little emoji like animation character named Shimeji, which will appear on the browser window.

As said, it is just for fun, and the Shimeji will walk, climb, crawl over the screen. It can also perform some fun activities on the screen. For example, while browsing the website, you can drag the Shimeji to any portion of the browser window. It will freely walk over the screen and can touch and click on the website elements.

Since the Shimeji is so popular, you can see the Shimeji animations on many popular animation series, games, and movies. Furthermore, you can download different Shimeji animations or Shimeji buddies per your interest from the Shimeji directory. Each Shimeji buddy is having their unique behaviors.

Why do we need Shimeji Browser Extension?

The only purpose of the extension is for fun. So, you can have some fun while browsing the internet, as the small animated characters can make some fun activity on any web page. So, you can install them on your browser if you wish to have some fun while visiting any website.

How to Install Shimeji Browser Extension?

Shimeji Extension will work only on Google Chrome, and you can download the extension from the chrome webstore. If you are using a ChromeOS, then also you can install it from the chrome webstore.

An Android version of Shimeji is available, making the same fun over your mobile screen while browsing. In addition, you can install the Shimeji Browser Extension app from PlayStore.

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