Best 5 Entropay Alternative – Your Virtual Credit Card

The name EntroPay might be familiar to most of us. However, if you are unaware of that, let me give you a quick brief. Entropay was the most popular virtual credit card provider and was the most loved service by most virtual credit card users.

Entropay Virtual Credit Card

Entropay was the best and popular virtual credit card and offered free virtual cards to its users worldwide. The service was free, and anyone could create an account and generate the virtual card with a few clicks.

When we say it as a virtual credit card, you should also note that it was a prepaid virtual credit card. So you can load money to the virtual card from any bank account and use the card on any online website.

However, they used to charge a small amount service charge while loading money to the virtual card.

Entropay card is no longer available

As the title itself says, alternative for Entropay, sadly we can say that Entropay is no longer available and the service was stoped permanently a few years back. So those who used Entropay before and those looking for a virtual credit card might be looking for an alternative for Entropay.

Entropay Alternative – Virtual Credit/Debit card for online transactions

Entropay was so popular during that time that credit card was not available for all the users or was so difficult to get in some countries. Another reason is the security. Some don’t like to share the original credit card details on websites. So such a virtual card like Entropay is used for that purpose.

Best Virtual Credit Card as Entropay Alternative

Anyway, keep those things aside, and we will list the 5 best virtual credit cards (VCC) as an alternative for Entropay.


ecoPayz was earlier called as ecoCard and was rebranded later. ecoPayz is offering virtual credit cards and an e-wallet with an eco account. Alternatively, they offer additional services like a physical card, business account, etc.

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard is another excellent service offered by Walmart. They provide virtual credit cards and virtual debit cards. But the service is available only for users in the United States. Since it needs Social Security Number (SSN), users outside the US can’t join it.


WireX is another service that offers virtual credit cards and physical cards. The service also can be used to exchange and transfer money in multiple currencies, including cryptocurrency. It was earlier known as E-coin.


BitPay is another service mainly focused on Cryptocurrency transactions. We can use the service to transfer money in bitcoins. They also offer a virtual debit card that can be used for all online transactions.


Revolut is another service that offers a virtual credit card. The service provides financial services, including exchange, money transfer, and supporting cryptocurrency also. In addition, they offer prepaid cards and master cards.

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