Of late, lite versions of apps are getting huge popularity in app stores. There are many social networking apps having a lite version for the users who are having slow or poor internet connection. In the month of February 2017, Skype has launched Skype lite in India with the feature of Aadhaar verification. After launching Skype lite, Skype has also updated its original app with the best features and improvements. The UI animation and additional features make the Skype app heavier results in delivering sluggish performance. On the other hand, the Skype Lite app offers all the main features like video/audio calls, instant messaging, and also much fast and lighter on your smartphone as well as data consumption. Let’s compare both Skype and Skype Lite application right now itself.

Storage and Consumption

The Skype app handles a total of 84MB of storage space and the app size is about 75MB out of it. The Skype Lite handles a total of 63.71MB of storage space and the app size is about 52.76 out of it. You should note that the Lite app is mainly focused on the devices with limited and slower network reception. Skype Lite comes with an already built-in image compression feature in order to limit the consumption of data. It helps in compressing each image before sending so that you can easily monitor the data consumption for sure.

User-Interface and Overall Design

The user-interface and overall design of both the apps are simple and easy to understand for the users. In the Skype app, the homepage is mainly divided into three parts – Chats, Highlights, and Capture. Meanwhile, the Skype Lite app interface is divided into three parts – Chats, Calls and Discover. The UI is simple and you are not going to face any issues while using it for sure. It is easy for users to make audio or video calls and chat with your friends using this great app.

Capabilities and Features

The Skype Lite app offers regular updates based on the user SMS information using SMS insights. It can also categorize promotional messages under a new separate tab so that your inbox will be clutter-free. If you want to use the Skype Lite app as your default messaging and dialer app, then you can do it. You can also integrate several contacts from your smartphone as well as Skype contacts.

Video Calling

It would be better for you to understand that the quality of video calling on Skype Lite is really decent. The call and video quality is clear over 4G connections. You are not going to face any call log or drop during the video calls for sure. On the other hand, Skype’s main app offers several videos calling features like the ability to write text, send reactions, add emoticons and also send real-time photographs during a video call. These are some great features that would add more fun to your video calling without any issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Download both Skype’s main app and Skype Lite app right now! Let us know in the comment section below

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