Prank calls were once a viral medium. Unfortunately, Truecaller and such apps made prank calls too tricky. But, the loyal fan base of prank calls doesn’t need to feel bad. Several prank call apps are available online to help you make funny phone numbers to call.

Prank call apps allow you to fool your friends. With the help of a prank app, you can either act like someone else or change your voice like a celebrity. The app is too simple to use and, not to mention, always works best when it comes to making your friends fool.

So, if you are interested in prank call apps, the following is the list of some amazing prank call apps!

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the highly rated and popular podcast apps. It’s an excellent place for prank callers. There Is a wide range of podcasts with a theme for a prank call, including, The snowplow show, The prank call podcast, Madhouse radio, and so on. Podcasts are one of the finest places to find prank-call humor. It is a simple and great UI with many playbacks and download options.

Spotify, Apply Play Music, Google Play Music

These are the best popular streaming sites for the prank call fan base. These services have options like The Jerky Boys. If any prank call file exists online, it’s very likely to be streamed online.


Youtube is another great option for similar reasons. It is just like Spotify or Amazon Prime Video. There you will find a boatload of prank call videos. Some platforms are popular for making prank videos. Some popular channels are The Jerk Boys on Youtube and Crank Yankees.

Although the apps mentioned above are the platforms where you can find prank calls and the theme, the following is the list of apps you can use to make a prank call as per your theme.

Voice Changer

It is a voice changer app by Baviux. It is a decent and popular voice changer prank call app. It comes with more than four dozen effects and tons of new features. This lets you create images, record voices, with the feature to share them to Whatsapp and Facebook.

It even allows you to create voices via text. This tool works great with applications like fake call pranks. Here you can record yourself and set it in a prank call mode to play when you pick a fake call.

Fake Call Police

Fake call police is a cool prank call app. With the help of this app, you can see how your friends and family react when you get a face call from the police station. Isn’t that fun? It’s hard not to fall for this amazing trick to set the caller name and caller number.

This app provides a user with a simulation call. Waiting for what? Prank others by showing that you get a call from the police and enjoy a laugh.

The Prank App

It is an all-in-one solution to meet your pranking needs. There are around ten pranks in-built with this app. In addition, this app has noise-making like whips and razors, force decisions, and scary noise to freak out people.

Sounds are pretty common. However, they are widely used. Popular prank noises are police sirens, electric razors, air horns, etc. You can trick anyone with these sounds and make them look foolish.


It is simple and comes with interesting sound options. There are tons of voices, so your co-worker or Pals will fall for it. There are around 3 prank calls, so wait no more, check out this amazing app.


This app lets you connect to your pals in real-time. With the help of this, you can change your sound during a phone call. There are some popular examples like Man’s voice, Helium balloon, spooky sound- the options are endless.

Fake Video Call

This is where prank call apps take it to the next level. There are so many video scenarios, and you can show your face in these funny fake videos. Also, it’s just an imitation of a video call. So, when your friend sees you in a spooky position, your friends will take time to know it’s fake.

Prank Apps For Halloween

If Halloween is near, You can use prank apps to prank your friends. A Halloween party without pranks is boring. You can set the Halloween mood with scary prank apps. You can use scary faces to shock your friends. This prank app lets you add a dangerous face or house that will completely freak out your pals. Do try this excellent prank app during Halloween.

Magic Call

The name itself speaks about it. The magical call is a popular prank call app among prank call fans. It allows users to change voices in real-time. You get options like changing your voice into a kid voice, female voice, man voice, as well as cartoon’s voice. You can also prank ids with the cartoon voice changer.

Ownage Pranks

Ownage pranks is another popular prank call app. Ownage labs develop it. It has become a user’s favorite due to its ability to make practical jokes. It comes with a voice changer feature that allows you to call someone using a fake voice. Nobody can realize your voice. This prank calling app is hilarious; once you install it, select the library. Next, choose a contact you wish to make a prank call to.

Andro Fake Calls

This prank call is made to imitate an incoming call. Not like other prank calls that offer you hilarious scenarios along with voice changers. This app needs your prank skills and courage to convince your prey.


Above-listed is the list of top prank call apps. All these apps come with amazing features and are simple to use. You can easily find these apps online. There are paid and free tools; choose as per your needs. We have mentioned the apps as per their ratings and reviews online. If we missed any best prank call apps, let us know about it in the comment section.

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