A popular trend, particularly in the last two years, is working from home. For example, many people use the well-known web conferencing application “Zoom” to conduct meet-ups during remote working while the global coronavirus pandemic poses a threat.

And the most practical method for simply reviewing all the details of virtual meetings is to record them. As a result, more people start looking for ways to record a Zoom meeting, especially when they do not host that Zoom meeting or have not received permission from the host.

How to record a Zoom conference without permission? – Airgram is the Solution

A capable Zoom meeting assistant is required to conduct meetings in the most effective, engaging, and fun manner — Airgram does the same; it is the most versatile productivity tool for meetings in the age of hybrid work.

As we all know, for all businesses, meetings are essential, and at some point, past conferences and recordings are also needed. Therefore, an effecting meeting recording software is required in such a scenario.

Beneficial for All

Recently, many individuals have been asked to return to the office. However, if you are still fortunate enough to be allowed to do remote work, the Airgram meeting management tool will undoubtedly be helpful to you. It automatically records and transcribes your sessions with speaker detection, making it simple for you to take notes and refer back to the meeting’s highlight.


Additionally, there are options to automatically skip quiet video segments and emphasize key details like dates, events, etc.

Features of Airgram

Following are the features of the Airgram app.

Automatic Zoom meeting entry

With Airgram Bot, a person never needs to miss any events. Furthermore, no manual operation is necessary as Airgram Bot automatically joins all or specific Zoom meetings.

Zoom meeting audio recording

You can record on Zoom without authorization for various reasons. However, some recorders are ineffective since they only record the screen, not the audio. You can use Airgram to record video and sound on Zoom to quickly examine meetings, seminars, webinars, and other events.

Meetings are transcribed live

With a few clicks, you may quickly start an instant Zoom call and record it. As the call happens, a person instantly receives a real-time transcript; eight different transcribing languages are provided.

The meeting video is downloadable on 1080P resolution so that you can review it afterward.

Meeting minutes collaboration

Airgram enables your team to collaborate on meeting notes during a meeting to track the project’s completion and create action items. In addition, it informs everyone about critical development in the meeting.

Clip and share

After the meeting, you can create clips to extract essential information from your meeting notes and sync them to Slack, Notion, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

Record continuously

You might have run into the circumstance where the process abruptly terminates while you are recording. Why does this occur? Many time-limited recorders on the market only enable you to record for 30 or 45 minutes. The operation will automatically terminate when the timer expires, or the recorder will announce ‘be our pro or premium member to obtain more recording time.’ However, Airgram provides a solution to capture Zoom meetings as clearly as possible.

How to record an instant Zoom meeting?

You can record the instant Zoom meeting using Airgram; to do so, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open Airgram and then click on the “+” sign, and you will see an option called Quick Zoom Recording.


Step 2: You will now see a popup window where you can place the Zoom meeting link.

Step 3: Click the Start Recording button to initiate the recording.

How to record a scheduled Zoom meeting?

To record a Zoom meeting that you have already scheduled on your calendar, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click Meetings on the left and locate the Zoom meeting you want to record.

Step 2: Click the Take Notes button to open the meeting details page.


Step 3: Lastly, click Start Recording at the top right corner.

Airgram can even join Zoom meetings automatically

Airgram even can help you to auto-join zoom meetings without your presence. To get it done, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the Airgram app and click on the profile picture to see the settings options.

Step 2: Now, from the list, click on Integrations.


Step 3: Find Zoom from the available list of apps, then click on the Connect option.

Step 4: After connecting to Zoom, click on the Zoom Meeting option listed above Integration.

Step 5: You can see the Auto Join Zoom meeting option and click on it. Now, you will have a drop-down list; click on Join all Zoom meeting I host option.


Once done, Airgram will automatically record all the meetings you host on zoom.

How is Airgram Different?

Airgram is one of the most incredible meeting recording programs for users, even if several screen recorder programs allow users to record a Zoom conference.

A person will particularly enjoy Airgram since it lets users record their entire meeting in 1080P with automated meeting transcripts. The screen recorder from Airgram is also elementary to use and significantly assists you in discreetly recording a Zoom conference for future reference.

Apart from Zoom meetings, the Airgram assistant also records Google Meet and Microsoft Teams meetings if the need arises.

Bottom Line

How to record a Zoom meeting without authorization is all there is to it. The most suggested remedy is Airgram, where you can plan your Zoom Meetings with an easy method and depart with certainty. Without the host’s consent or anybody else’s knowledge, it is possible to record a Zoom conference on a laptop or computer covertly.

It can quickly record a Zoom conference with audio and produce a high-quality video that conveys all of the meeting’s crucial information.

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