How to Disable Contact Joining Notification in Signal?

The recently popularised messaging application Signal is one of the best private messaging applications, for no doubt. The application got its popularity due to the recent privacy update of WhatsApp.

Even though WhatsApp postponed its new privacy implementation, users worldwide are still downloading the Signal application and wish to keep it as a secondary messaging application.

Since more people join Signal, it can become the primary messaging application for everyone soon. There was one problem some people are facing now is the notification on the Signal App.

If any contact on your phone joins Signal, you will receive a notification, and the user will be listed in the chat list. If more people in the contact joins Signal, the number of notifications also will be more. It will be an annoying thing for some users.

Here we are checking how to disable the contact Joining Notification on Signal

Stop Notifying new user Joining in Signal App

Step 1: Open Signal App

Step 2: Click the menu on the top (3 dots) and click Settings.


Step 3: Click on Notifications


Step 4: On the Notifications page, you can see an option called ‘Contact Joined Signal’ under the Events


Step 5: Unselect the option so that you will not get any further notification if anyone in your contact joins Signal

By these steps, the issue with the contact joining notification can be resolved. If you wish to receive the notification to keep track of all the users in your contact, enable the same option from the Notification settings.

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